2018 El Famoso Horseshoe Tourney

The annual El Famoso Horseshoe Tournament for 2018 was moved to a different location at the last minute, but despite this adversity, was very successful, thanks to a myriad of volunteers, attendees and observers.  Here are the results:

A total of $22,650 pesos was raised and donated to the Community Cultural Center in La Peñita.

Horseshoe Tourney Results
A Division
1st >Merv Swanson & Ann Legros
2nd >Al Devon & Donna Percival
3rd> Bob Ridler & Val Schrowe
Dead Ass Last (DAL) >Bob Butler & Shirley John

B Division
1st> Paul Hince & Lynn Dahl
2nd> Roger Dusome & Kelly Roussy
3rd> Ivor Mawle & Terri Martinello
DAL > Pat McMillen & Christine Desautels

C Division
1st>  Skip Wright & Roger Evans
2nd> Clint Meays & Dan Bell
3rd> Don Voysey & Tim Evans
DAL> Al Claudra & Al Seriani

D Division
1st > Kay Vincent & Frank Martinello
2nd >Len Karran & Rob Cundy
3rd> Dale Williamson & Steven Dillinger
DAL> Patty Johnson & Byron Johnson

We look forward to the 2019 Event Saturday February 9th.

Dave Howell

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Jaltemba Cancer Walk for Prevention

I am not sure of the official name to this fundraising group, but here are the fabulous results.

There were over 700 people that took part in the Walk this year. The Walk culminated again at Hinde and Jaimes Restaurant in La Peñita. Burgers on the grill for everyone, and probably the most beer served in a long time. Fun was had by all at the party.

The highlight was when Patty Hueso put her beautiful long shiny locks up for bid. Even Hinde got into the act with her scissors.

When all the donations were in for the haircut, Patty alone raised over $110,000 pesos for the cause. The numbers are not final yet, but there were over $220,000 pesos raised for the Prevention of Cancer for Mamas. This money goes to fund what the women cannot afford, principally Mammograms and preventative procedures.





Chris and Val won this butterfly creation for $5000.

Thanks to all for the great photos.


John & Doreen Berg are your hikers to go to!

John and Doreen Berg are not your normal hikers. Not only do they spearhead the clearing of the trails heading south out of Los Ayala, and take countless numbers of hikers on reconnaissance runs, but they also have a very informative blog of their own.

Click on its cover to read for yourself.