Advance of Remodeling in Avenue.

The remodeling project of the main avenue of La Peñita de Jaltemba, is still in progress, half of this avenue is already passable for cars, the start (next to the federal highway) is where the installation of adoquin is needed.

The aim is to obtain a more uniform level of business in the businesses established around the avenue, since they have been asked to install pillars where an apparent stone will be placed, and it is very likely that a “Teja” roof will be placed. In this remodeling has begun the installation of stools in the style “stamping concrete”, previously established the services underground, removing the concrete poles and thus achieve more free stools for pedestrian traffic.


Parade of November 20, what is celebrated?

Last Tuesday, November 20, there was a parade in tribute to what happened many years ago in the Mexican nation, it is a civic act of great importance, then we will give you a brief introduction of why the celebration.

On November 20, 1910 begins the armed conflict in Mexico known as the Mexican Revolution. Usually referred to as the “most important political and social event of the twentieth century,” the antecedents of that revolution go back to “the Porfiriato“.

A group of Liberals began the struggle with the main objective of overthrowing the current government’s dictatorship and obtaining justice for the people. Once the struggle was won, the workers were able to form unions and strike without fear of brutal reprisals. The peasants achieved the agrarian distribution that gave them back their lands and Mexico finally became governments based on institutions and not on caudillos who abused their power.

Nowadays, year after year a parade takes place where schools, secondary schools, high schools and some companies participate, where characteristic dances of the region are carried out, children with costumes of the characters of the Mexican Revolution, sports exercises, among others. activities. The event started from 9:00 in the morning until 2:00 in the afternoon culminating in the main square of the town, it is important to recognize the participation and effort of all the students of the schools, who are the ones who give life to this important event.

Below we present a small sample of the parade of our town:







Affected by the passage of Hurricane Willa


Last October, 2018, we witnessed the impact of the hurricane willa north of the state of Nayarit and Sinaloa, leaving villages totally isolated and many families without their family heritage.

In Nayarit, the overflow of the San Pedro and Acaponeta rivers caused a great flood in the Nayaritas towns, leaving behind thousands of houses buried in tons of mud, it is estimated more than 180 thousand victims, damage to homes, road infrastructure, businesses, agriculture and isolated localities. The declaration of disaster zone is for the municipalities of Tecuala, Acaponeta, Huajicori, Rosamorada, Santiago Ixcuintla, Tuxpan, Del Nayar and Ruiz.


Over the hours after the impact of the hurricane, the situation of those affected was increasingly critical, since everything had been lost and there was no food or place to prepare.
The houses and streets totally flooded with mud and water, which forced the inhabitants to take refuge in the roof of their houses.



The citizens of nayarit and other states expressed their solidarity by organizing collections of basic necessities, clothing, mattresses, blankets, fundraising events and being able to provide support to affected people.

It is important to recognize our friends from La Peñita de Jaltemba and our surroundings who joined the aid, not only in food, but in an arduous street cleaning.




It is important to mention the personnel of Civil Protection – Base Rincon de Guayabitos, Rotary Club (La Peñita), students CONALEP Peñita de Jaltemba, and thank so many people who volunteered for cleaning in homes and streets, in addition to establishments such as Fruteria Varillas who provided a large amount of fruits and food for those affected as well as many families who joined the collection and provision of food showing that Nayarit has supportive people ready to support.



Thank you all!




“La Peñita de Jaltemba Is with you”