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  • Wanda’s Burgers & Ribs opened its doors in November 2013. We specialize in flame-broiled burgers of all types (beef, chicken, shrimp and pulled pork), barbecue pork ribs and our homemade chili con carne.

    We, brothers Earl and Mark, have a total of more than 40 years of experience in the restaurant business. We moved to Mexico and operated a few other restaurants before settling here in beautiful Rincón de Guayabitos.

    We also have big screen TVs for your sports viewing enjoyment.

    Stop in and give us a try!  You will be glad you did.

    Hours & Details

    Tuesday through Sunday: Noon – 8:00 pm
    Monday:  CLOSED

    We will be closing on the 25th of March for the season.  We want to thank you all for making this a great season.  We hope to see you again on November 1, when we will reopen again.

    Please visit us at Wanda’s Burger in Sayulita which will be open all year!

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  • Appetizers

    • Guacamole with Chips  $75
    • Wanda’s Nachos – Tortilla chips covered with beans, guacamole, cream, cheese, black olives and jalapeños  $110
    • Wanda’s Nachos with chicken $125 / with shrimp  $135
    • Potato skins $110 / with chicken $125 / with shrimp / $135
    • Potato skins with Chili con Carne & Cheese  $120
    • Queso Fundido  $90 / with chicken fajita $100 / with pork sausage $100 / with shrimp $115
    • Breaded Chicken Strips  $120
    • Breaded Fish Strips – Served with french fries  $125
    • BBQ Ribs Snack  $145

    Hamburgers & More
    All hamburgers are cooked medium well unless specified by you.
    All these dishes are served with coleslaw and your choice of french fries or potato salad.

    • Wanda’s Burger – Bacon and cheddar cheese  $130
    • Bubba’s Como Comes – Double meat with bacon and cheese (HUGE)  $170
    • Chili Burger – Burger with chili and cheddar cheese  $140
    • BBQ Burger – Bacon, cheddar cheese and BBQ sauce  $130
    • Oriental Burger – Mushrooms, bell pepper, onions and cheddar cheese  $130
    • Heartburn Burger – Burger with chorizo, onions, chile serrano, black beans, guacamole and cheddar cheese  $140
    • Aloha Burger – Burger with pineapple, ham and cheese  $140
    • Mushroom Burger – Covered with mushrooms, onions, bacon and cheese  $140
    • Popeye Burger – Spinach, cream, mushroom, ham and cheese  $140
    • BBQ Chicken Burger – BBQ grilled chicken breast with bacon and cheddar cheese  $125
    • Grilled Chicken Breast Burger – Bacon and cheddar cheese  $125
    • Chicken Ranch Burger – Chicken breast with ranch, bacon and cheese  $130
    • Chicken Aloha Burger – Chicken breast covered with ham, pineapple and cheese  $135
    • Malibu Chicken Breast – Grilled chicken breast with ham, honey mustard, guacamole and cheese  $135
    • Chili Breast Burger – Chicken breast covered with chili and cheese  $135
    • French Fried Shrimp Burger – Breaded shrimp with bacon and cheddar cheese  $145
    • BBQ Shrimp Burger – BBQ shrimp with bacon and cheddar cheese  $145
    • Shrimp Albanil Burger – Cooked with bacon, onions, chile and covered with cheese  $145
    • Aloha Shrimp Burger – Shrimp, pineapple, ham and cheese  $145
    • Grilled Fish Burger  $140
    • Breaded Fish Burger – Breaded fish burger with bacon and cheddar cheese  $140
    • BBQ smoked Pork Burger – Smoked pork with BBQ sauce, onions and cheddar cheese  $135
    • Aloha Pulled Pork Burger  $145
    • Large Chili Dog  $90
    • Hot Dog  $75
    • Large Hot Dog with Sauerkraut  $90

    Wanda’s Specials

    • BBQ Pork Spare Ribs  $170
    • BBQ Pork Spare Ribs Spicy  $170
    • Chili con Carne  $90

    Baked Potato

    • Classic Baked Potato – Butter, sour cream, cheese and bacon  $85
    • Chori Spud – Baked potato with chorizo, butter, onions, cream and cheese  $90
    • Chili Spud – Baked potato with butter, onions, chili and cheese  $95
    • Baked Potato with Shrimp – Stuffed with butter, cream, onions, shrimp, cheese and bacon  $100
    • The Ranch Spud – Stuffed with butter, ranch, cream, cheese and bacon  $95
    • Popeye Spud – Stuffed with butter, spinach, ham, mushrooms, cream and cheese  $95
    • Vegetarian Spud – Stuffed with butter, mushrooms, spinach, onions, sour cream and cheese  $90
    • Mushroom Spud – Stuffed with butter, onions, ham, cream and cheese  $95
    • Garlic Spud – Butter, garlic, sour cream, cheese and bacon  $90

    Prices are listed in pesos and are subject to change without notice.

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    7 Reviews on “Wanda’s Burgers & Ribs”

    1. :

      So Excellent we had to come back for more !!! We're here from Seattle for the month of November. We all had a craving for a burger and were told by a local to check out Wanda's. We were NOT disappointed - We were so satisfied with the first visit, we had to come back a second time to try out different items on the menu. The Ribs - Excellent The Baked Potatoe's - Excellent Hamburger - Excellent - need to make a return visit to try out each item on the menu The Brownie and Iced Cream - Don't get one and share - buy one and enjoy for each person!

    2. :

      Best burgers in town! Wanda's mushroom burger has ruined us for any other burger. No matter where we go, Mexico, or the U.S. We can't find one that compares with Wanda's! Can't wait to return in January . Wanda's will be one of our first stops.

    3. :

      I went to Wanda's in October 2014. They have delicious burgers! I was talking to the owners and I wish I had the time to try their ribs. Nice people, good prices, and very accomodating. I ordered the Mushroom Burger, and was asked, how well I wanted it, and did I want alot of mushrooms, or just a little.....They have a full bar as well! I do recommend it! The place is nice and clean and everyone speaks perfect English

    4. :

      Burger Heaven! I have never been a fan of burgers....until I had Wanda's cheeseburger. Soooooo good....going to try the ribs next time!

    5. :

      Best Ribs. The ribs at Wanda's were the best ribs I have ever had. I am looking this November in enjoying them again. Felicidades and we will be seeing you soon!

    6. :

      We had the best ribs and mushroom burgers, we have been there four times and the whole staff is amazing. We also had the stuffed potatoes and the Wandas home made chilli. Wonderfulllll

    7. :

      Best ribs I have ever had! I have traveled through out the US and I am a rib fanatic. I have never had better ribs than the ones I ate at Wanda's.

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  • Owner/Manager: Earl & Mark
  • Address: Retorno Ciebas 5
  • Town: Rincón de Guayabitos
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