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  • We have been serving authentic Mexican food since 2001 and are well-known for our Fajitas, Coconut Shrimp, Sopa Azteca (tortilla soup) and other specialty dishes. Our atmosphere is casual and comfortable and our longtime staff is personable and friendly. We pride ourselves on our extensive menu and the personal touch we offer everyone who walks through our doors – at La Piña Loca, everyone is like family!

    – Mercedes, Hector, Susana, Ruth, Marco, Janet and Erika

    We were featured in this article: Nayarit EATS: What Makes a Fajita Sizzle?

    Dinner Specials & Music

    In addition to our regular menu, we also offer price-fixed dinner specials (with dessert and music) from 6:00-9:30 pm daily, except on Thursdays.

    • Monday: Jose Luna on keyboard, with music in English and Spanish
    • Tuesday: Music by Rico
    • Wednesday: Jose Luna on keyboard, with music in English and Spanish
    • Thursday: Music by Rico
    • Friday: Canuck Country by Don & Jack
    • Saturday: Music by Rico
    • Sunday: Roberto Curiel Ranchera Music and Mexican folklore

    Music is offered during high season only.
    Please call ahead to double check our schedule.

    Hours & Details

    Open Daily: 8:00 am – 9:30 pm
    Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner

    Reservations are recommended

    Note: La Piña Loca Restaurante does not accept reservations via email. Please call or stop by to make your reservation.

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  • Appetizers / Entradas

    • Ceviche de Pescado – Fish ceviche
    • Ceviche de Camarón – Shrimp ceviche
    • Queso Fundido Natural – Melted cheese
    • Queso Fundido with pork sausage or mushrooms
    • Mushrooms and Garlic / Champiñones al Ajillo
    • French Fries / Papas a la Francesa
    • Guacamole – Avocado dip with onion, tomato and cilantro
    • Nachos

    Small Mexican Plates / Antojitos Mexicanos

    • Pozole Chico – Small bowl of pozole
    • Pozole Grande – Large bowl of pozole
    • Enchiladas Mexicanas – Flour tortillas stuffed with chicken or pork and topped with lettuce, crema, cheese and a mild red sauce
    • Enchiladas Suizas – Flour tortillas filled with your choice of chicken or pork, melted cheese and a green sauce
    • Fried Tacos / Tacos Dorados
    • Sopes – Three thick fried tortillas topped with your choice of chicken or pork, refried beans, lettuce, tomato, onion, crema and cotija cheese
    • Tostadas – Three tostadas topped with chicken or pork, refried beans, lettuce, tomato, onion, crema and cotija cheese
    • Burritos Norteños – Filled with chicken or pork, crema, salsa and a fresh salad on the side
    • Burritos Aztecas – Filled with chicken or pork, cheese, a mild red sauce and crema

    Soups & Cocktails / Sopas, Caldos y Cocteles

    •  Sopa Azteca – Tortilla Soup with avocado and cheese
    • Sopa de Cebolla – Onion Soup
    • Sopa de Verduras – Vegetable Soup
    • Sopa de Ajo – Garlic Soup with cheese
    • Caldo de Pollo – Chicken Soup
    • Caldo de Camarón – Shrimp Soup
    • Caldo de Pescado – Fish Soup
    • Jaiba en Caldillo – Crab Soup
    • Sopa de Mariscos – Seafood Soup
    • Campechana de Mariscos – Seafood Cocktail
    • Coctel de Pulpo – Octopus Cocktail

    Salads / Ensaladas

    • Ensalada de Pulpo – Octopus Salad
    • Esalada de Camarón – Shrimp Salad
    • Ensalada Mixta – Mixed seafood salad with shrimp, octopus, snail and crab
    • Ensalada de Pollo – Chicken Salad
    • Ensalada de Atún – Tuna Salad

    Burgers & Sandwiches / Hamburguesas y Sandwiches

    • Hamburguesa de Res o Pollo – Beef or chicken burger
    • Hamburguesa de Camarón – Shrimp burger
    • Club Sandwich
    • Torta de Pollo, Puerco o Jamon – Sandwich with chicken, pork or ham
    • Torta Combinada – Combination sandwich

    Specialties / Especialidades

    •  Fajitas – Fajitas with shrimp, beef, chicken or a combination served steaming hot in a molcajete (lava bowl)
    • Pescado Zanandeado – Whole grilled Red Snapper
    • Camarón al Coco – Coconut Shrimp served with our homemade pineapple and coconut salsa
    •  Camarón Rebozado – Beer battered shrimp
    •  Camarón Piña Loca – Shrimp baked in a Veracruz sauce
    •  Filete Piña Loca – Fish filet baked in a Veracruz sauce
    • Filete Relleno de Mariscos – Fish filet stuffed with seafood and baked in the oven
    •  Piña Loca Cantamar – Shrimp and octopus baked in half of a pineapple and topped with melted cheese
    • Brocheta de Mar y Tierra – Grilled skewer with beef, shrimp and vegetables
    • Plato Mexicano – Enchiladas, grilled beef and pozole

    Meat & Special Cuts / Carne y Cortes Especiales

    • Carne Asada – Grilled Beef
    • Carne a la Tampiqueña – Grilled beef served with an enchilada, tostada and guacamole
    • Milanese de Res – Grilled breaded beef
    • Arrachera – Grilled Beef
    • Sirloin – Grilled Sirloin Beef Steak
    • T-Bone – Gilled T-Bone Steak
    • Rib Eye – Grilled Rib Eye Steak
    • New York – Grilled New York Steak

    Chicken / Pollo

    • Pechuga Parmesana – Parmesan chicken breast
    • Pechuga a la Plancha – Grilled chicken breast
    • Pollo Frito – Fried chicken
    • Pollo con Mole – Chicken with mole sauce

    Seafood & Fish / Mariscos y Pescado

    • Camarónes al Ajo – Shrimp sautéed in garlic
    • Camarónes a la Diabla – Shrimp sautéed in a spicy tomato and chili sauce
    • Camarónes a la Mantequilla – Shrimp sautéed in butter
    • Camarónes a la Mexicana – Shrimp sautéed in fresh Mexican salsa
    • Camarónes a la Veracruzana – Shrimp sautéed in a Veracruz sauce
    • Camarónes Empanizados – Breaded shrimp
    • Filete de Pescado al Ajo – Fish filet sautéed in garlic
    • Filete de Pescado a la Diabla – Fish filet sautéed in a spicy tomato and chili sauce
    • Filete de Pescado a la Mantequilla – Fish filet sautéed in butter
    • Filete de Pescado a la Plancha – Grilled fish filet
    • Filete de Pescado a la Mexicana – Fish filet sautéed in fresh Mexican salsa
    • Filete de Pescado a la Veracruzana – Fish filet sautéed in a Veracruz sauce
    • Pulpo al Ajillo – Octopus sauteed in a butter, chili and garlic sauce
    • Pulpo al Ajo – Octopus sautéed in garlic
    • Pulpo a la Diabla – Octopus sautéed in a spicy tomato and chili sauce
    • Pulpo a la Mantequilla – Octopus sautéed in butter
    • Pescado Frito – Fried fish

    Dessert / Postre

    • Flan Napolitano
    • Pay de Queso – Cheesecake
    • Platano Flameado – Flambéed banana
    • Platano Flameado con Helado – Flambéed banana with ice cream
    • Helados – Ice cream

    Breakfast / Desayunos
    Served 8:00 am – 12:00 pm

    • Coctel de Fruta – Fruit cocktail with yogurt and granola
    • Orden de Fruta con Yogurt o Queso Cottage – Fruit with yogurt or cottage cheese
    • Pan Frances – French Toast
    • Pan Frances Relleno de Nuez y Pasas – French Toast with nuts and raisins
    • Hot Cakes – Pancakes
    • Hot Cakes con Coco – Coconut Pancakes
    • Hot Cakes con Piña – Pineapple Pancakes
    • Hot Cakes con Kalhua – Kalhua Pancakes
    • Omelete de Pollo – Chicken omelet with cheese and hash browns
    • Omelete de Camarón – Shrimp omelet with cheese and hash browns
    • Omelete de Champiñones – Mushroom omelet with cheese and hash browns
    • Omelete de Jamon – Ham omelet with cheese and hash browns
    • Omelete Mega – Mega omelet
    • Combos – Choose from 6 different combo plates

     Indicates our signature menu items.

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    6 Reviews on “La Piña Loca Restaurante & Bar”

    1. :

      Olga Lansdale, Halifax, NS We were so glad to get here 4 days ago as we couldn't come last winter. There are many favourites, including Fajitas, Sopa Azteca, Enchiladas Suiza. Chef Hector Mota is a very talented chef. The staff including Yunni, Erica, Carlos, and all the others are fantastic. In our mind the best food and service in Guayabitos

    2. :

      January 18,2018 We've been having Fajitas here for over fifteen years and have never been disappointed in either the food quality or the friendly service. Last night I asked if it was possible to have a 'Pescado Fajita' and the Chef agreed...'soooooo tasty', perfectly grilled pieces of Dorado added to this signature dish, now my favourite. I can only hope this option is added to the menu.

    3. :

      We were in Rincon de Guayabitos for Spring Break this year to visit friends who spend the winter there each year. La Pina Loca became our 'go to' place to eat. The service and food are excellent and I can't recommend this restaurant enough.

    4. :

      we have eaten here twice so far and both times food was excellent and so was the service. The entertainment topped off a great evening here. Wonderful people. the fajitas were awesome and also the coconut shrimp. an impressive way to serve up the fajitas.

    5. :

      I have been eating here since they opened years ago. Recommendations: Coconut Shrimp, Fajitas or the shrimp with melted in the 1/2 pineapple (can't remember what it is called on the menu). The soups are spectacular - my favorite The Onion Soup - made with a light chicken broth base and lots of cheese. Service and food are consistant. Same Chef - Hector and wait staff for a number of years.

    6. :

      My wife and I have eaten here almost since we started visiting Guayabitos 24 years ago as we backpacked throughout Mexico. The staff, Janet, Goofy, Erica and all others make everyone welcome which is why reservations are recommended as it is busy every night. The food, with Fajitas being the signature dish served in a piping hot lava bowl, is always outstanding. Their breakfasts are superb and I especially love the sopa de tortilla and the pozole. My compliments to chef Hector and his staff.

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