Centro Medico La Peñita (Dr. Martín Nuñez Arciniega)

La Peñita de Jaltemba


  • dr martin logoIf you need a doctor for any reason including general and family medicine, consultation or surgery, please call or visit.

    Medical Services:

    • Full on-site laboratory
    • Basic physical examinations
    • Vaccinations
    • Electrocardiograms (electrical activity of the heart)
    • Pediatrics and infant care
    • MRI (magnetic resonance imaging)
    • X-rays
    • Ultrasound

    We have qualified Doctors available (here or in Tepic) for consulting and practice in the following fields:

    • Trauma (physical injuries)
    • Gynecology (female reproductive organs)
    • Gastroenterology (digestive diseases)
    • Oncology (tumors & cancers)
    • Cardiology (heart health)
    • Audiology (hearing disorders)
    • Otolaryngology (ear, nose & throat)
    • Plastic surgery (all types)
    • Ophthalmology (eye diseases)
    • Psychiatric care (mental disorders)
    • Dermatology (diseases of the hair, nails & skin)

    We speak English fluently.

    – Dr. Martin Nuñez Arciniega
    Dra. Marlene Nuñez

    Hours & Details

    Please call ahead to make sure we are available.

    For more information, please call or email Dr. Martin Nuñez.

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    7 Reviews on “Centro Medico La Peñita (Dr. Martín Nuñez Arciniega)”

    1. :

      Would highly recommend this medical office. My wife uses the lab to monitor a pre-diabetic condition with consultation from both physicians. We are fortunate to have this facility available with such excellent concern & care. Would encourage all expats to give them a try when medical assistance is needed.

    2. :

      Dr. Martin saved my life. I will be forever grateful. His daughter is wonderful and they are both amazing doctors and very compassionate people. The region is very fortunate to have their caliber of professionalism in its midst.

    3. :

      We have lived in Guayabitos for more than a year now and Dr. Martin and his daughter Dr. Marlene have been our doctors since our arrival. They both together and separately have provided health care that would not only rival health care in the states but in many cases with us has surpassed the care we ever received in the states (Oregon)!!! We can't begin to say enough about their compassion and personal interest that they took in us, always trying to treat in a holistic way with a minimum of medication. We consider them not only our Doctors but our friends!! Go nowhere else!

    4. :

      VERY KIND - Medical Care Unlike Anything You Will Receive in US or Canada. My wife & I live year-round in La Penita. We have undergone several serious illnesses. We went to Dr. Martin as a recommendation from a friend. He and his daughter speak fluent English and are very kind. They exhibit the values we used to see 40 years ago in the US in the medical field. They stayed with my wife all night while she was sick making sure that she recovered. We have used them several times and it is always the same... EXCELLENT SERVICE. I will not go anywhere else and cannot say enough about them.

    5. :

      I was very ill this past March while I was staying in La Penita, so ill in fact that it took me days to leave my apartment and drop into a taxi asking to be taken to a doctor. I was met by Dr. Martin's lovely daughter who kept a close eye on me till Dr. Martin was able to see me. I was there for about 3 hours lying on a bed with oxygen and hot medicinal tea until I was stable enough to be able to return to my apartment with medication in hand. Being alone and far from home and feeling so sick was not what I anticipated for my holiday. I was told that if needed in future, Dr. Martin would come to my apartment to administer care. Ironically, this was the first trip in all of my years of travel that I had not purchased medical insurance. With follow up visits and medicine available for purchase at the clinic, I didn't pay much more than it would have cost for insurance. I was well taken care of and came home with an extra bottle of a wonderful natural cough medicine with eucalyptus extract which a friend in Calgary needed soon after I arrived home. Imagine, he even makes house calls!

    6. :

      Our Opinion: Best Doctor in This Area (Lo De Marcos to La Penita). We have lived in this area for 19 years and only this year discovered Dr. Martin. (A friend had recommended years earlier, but we had not taken her advice). His kind gentle and professional manner, communication skills, and health care are excellent!! Gary had severe food poisoning and Dr. Martin immediately started rehydrating him with intervenous solutions, 2.5 litre and took care of him for 6 hours. He has been treating me for uric acid problem as well as other illnesses that have come up. I heartily recommend Dr. Martin to anyone needing a first class family practioner. In addition Dr. Martin provides surgical care in Tepic. (Also speaks fluent English!)

    7. :

      In March 2012, I needed medical attention and visited this medical facility. I was there from 10:00am till 1:00am next day on an IV drip. Dr. Arcinienga and his daughter treated me with kindness and caring. I hadn't eaten all day and he suggested a tray be brought from a nearby restaurant which was very thoughtful. When he recommended some medication, his daughter accompanied my husband to the drugstore to make sure he got the correct item. When I expressed concern about getting to our apartment in Guayabitos at such a late hour his words were "don't worry, when I call, the Taxi comes". His manner is very relaxed and calming. I would certainly see him again if I needed attention on our next trip.

    8. :

      Last May I was having serious stomach pain. After a visit to Dr. Martin Nunez, he recommended that I go to Tepic to see a specialist. I decided to wait two days which almost cost me my life. I was rushed to Tepic and was operated on to remove a large tumor. Dr. Martin assisted in the operation and also visited me a few times during the week. During the next few months, I had to return to Tepic for consults with the surgeons and he rearranged his schedule so I could go with him. There were several lab results that he made me aware that all was OK. I’ve sent several people who needed medical care this past winter to his clinic, and everyone was very happy with his professionalism and knowledge. His English is very good, and if you need any medical care I highly recommend Dr. Martin Nunez.

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  • Owner/Manager: Dr. Martín Nuñez Arciniega
  • Address: Océano Pacífico Sur 168
  • Town: La Peñita de Jaltemba
  • Phone: (327) 274-0646
  • Cell: (322) 174-8331 (emergencies only)
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