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  • Alejandro Zedillo uses massage therapy to alleviate chronic and acute aches and pains, stiffness, limited mobility and other soft tissue problems, due to aging, accidents, injuries, falls, post-surgery recovery, poor posture and workout fatigue.
    Alejandro was trained and has practiced in both Mexico and the United States since 2005.
    He is certified by the California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC # 31107) and is a member of the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP).
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    “If you arrive early, I’ll most likely still be working on the person prior to you. In such case, please have a seat and wait patiently until the time of your session, and I’ll be with you promptly”.

    Dear friends and clients,
    I am letting all of you know that in April 2019, I will be moving to San Miguel de Allende, Gto.
    In the meantime, I will keep working as usual.
    I also want to thank you all for your trust and continued support during the last three years here in La Peñita, and I will be very happy to see you all any time you come visit San Miguel.
    Best wishes and sincere gratitude to you all.

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    29 Reviews on “Alejandro Zedillo Therapeutic Massage”

    1. :

      My husband and I met Alejandrô at la Penita for massage in 2019. Very very satisfied . Professional and very kind. I recommand him.

    2. :

      My wife and I treated ourselves to a truly professional and excellent massage from Alejandro. If you want relaxation massage it is available. We always choose to ensure problem areas are addressed, and you will be delighted with the service here. Alejandro is a trained and experienced professional we will continue to see.

    3. :

      Alejandro was very profesionnal. He asked lots of questions at the beginning to pin point the problem. The massage was well done. I would recommend him in a heart beat.

    4. :

      I had my first massage about a week and a half ago on the advice of my closest amigo. Alejandro was very warm and welcoming the minute we met and started the intake interview to determine my specific issues. He listened intently, answering all questions. I immediately felt comfortable talking with him. My shoulders and neck were very tight and tense, Alejandro focused on those specific areas and I walked out greatly relieved. I very much look forward to my next massage. A very positive experience for me.

    5. :

      I came to stay in La Penita, after breaking my foot (the fifth metatarsal) a couple months earlier in Oaxaca. I was dealing with a lot of residual pain. After finding Alejandero on this page, I got in contact and started seeing him twice weekly. He is simply the best, the real deal. A month later: he has helped me enormously to recover my stamina and mobility after such a trauma, which affected my back and hips etc. from having been immobilized and then limping, as I tried to walk again without a cane.. Besides the massage work, we talked about natural ways of reducing inflammation in the body. He is really caring, professional and very knowledgable!! Don't hesitate to book an appointment with him.

    6. :

      I went to Alejandro last week. He was very friendly and professional and his massage studio felt familiar, clean and comfortable. We had a very good conversation about my body and aches and injuries before starting the massage. The massage itself was excellent, as good as any massage therapist I've had in the USA or Canada. Highly recommended.

    7. :

      Alejandro is very skilled in his profession. Highly recommend him. I only discovered his practice a week before my return home. Look forward to more sessions next year.

    8. :

      I discovered Alejandro’s excellent and very professional massage the last month of my holiday. Next year I will be booking a massage with him every 2-3 weeks for 3 months. I was totally satisfied with the deep massage and his ability to adjust according to my wishes. Knowing he is certified in Mexico and United States impressed me. He is the best massage therapist I have had. Marilyn Sawford

    9. :

      I had two massage from Alejandro when i was in la penita recently. i am picky about my masseuse. so lucky to have found Alejandro. he is a super nice guy and very professional. really tunes into what needs to be worked on. he uses whatever amount of pressure you tell him to, from very firm to very soft. i can't recommend him highly enough.

    10. :

      I discovered Alejandro’s excellent and very professional massage the last month of my holiday. Next year I will be booking a massage with him every 2-3 weeks for 3 months. I was totally satisfied with the deep massage and his ability to adjust according to my wishes. Knowing he is certified in Mexico and United States impressed me. He is the best massage therapist I have had. Marilyn Sawford

    11. :

      My plan is to get massage from Alejandro every time I come to Mexico. I was only there a week, but if I was there longer I would set up weekly appointments. I thought he did especially good on my shoulders, which is a tough area that many massage therapist do not spend enough time on. He is very professional and very experienced. One of the best massages I have every had.

    12. :

      I was very happy with my massage with Alejandro. I came to Alejandro with complaints of shoulder and upper back pain. I was having trouble completely lifting my arms over my head. Alejandro worked on my traps and worked out all of the tightness. I have full movements again! I recommend Alejandro.

    13. :

      Very good massage and a very personable gentleman. Alejandro will provide just the right amount of pressure that you're comfortable having, and you will leave his office having received therapy on the area that is bothersome to you. He worked on both my back and my legs in 2 separate one-hour sessions in late February, and the service received was excellent! -Tim G. Indianapolis USA

    14. :

      For anyone looking for an amazing massage session: Look no further than Alejandro Zedillo Rojas! He is located in front of Hinde & Jaime's restaurant, just beside Miguel Lomeli's office, in La Penita. He is everything that is stated above, and much more!! We highly recommend him.

    15. :

      Verna-Dec.10th,2017 Very pleased with my massage. I was asked all the questions a Dr. would ask you. Very professional. For any ladies who have reservations of going to a man for a massage rest assure he is very professional. My massage was 1 week ago & I still feel great!!! I'll be back!!! Verna Hahn

    16. :

      Had a session with him and found him to be very talented! The massage hit all the spots that needed attention. He worked on the 'issues' until there was no issue. Recommend him highly!

    17. :

      Alejandro is the best! I very much enjoyed each session I have had with him. He is professional, caring and an overall exceptional MT. I highly recommend his work.

    18. :

      Thank you Alejandro! Great massage today and now am trying to book my husband with you as well!

    19. :

      This might have been one of the best massages I've ever had. I went here this past weekend for a 90-minute massage session. I've had lots of massages (usually in Asia where it's cheaper, or from masseuses that visit client homes). Booking an appointment was easy. The massage I had was awesome! Again, maybe I haven't had enough massages neither here nor in the U.S., but the massage I had was AMAZING. He was able to hone in on all of these really precise points on my neck and my back. Also, have you ever had a massage where the masseuse is doing something really soothing, and you wish they'd do it just a little longer? Well, I didn't have that problem here! Maybe it's because I had a 90-minute massage so he could spend more time on each task, but Alejandro put in significant time on each task and it felt really great. All in all, it was a fantastic experience, and I'd recommend it to anyone that's looking to get a massage. I'm still really happy with it. If I ever feel like I need to go again, Alejandro is at the top of my list. Diane V. Emeryville, CA

    20. :

      I am so grateful to have found Alejandro! I have struggled with a tight psoas muscle, si joint and walking issues. With a very thorough intake and site specific treatment. I am amazed at the positive changes I have experienced in only two sessions with him. I have no problem recommending his services!

    21. :

      This past weekend I had an amazing time! I work in the spa industry so I was slightly skeptical of what I would find for that price. However, from the time I walked in until I left, I was continuously impressed and pampered. I'm pretty sure I ripped him off for the awesome treatment I received at that incredible price. I'm one of the pickiest massage clients ever and rarely fully enjoy massages. Alas, Alejandro worked his magic and I left one happy camper! He addressed my problem areas and did an excellent deep tissue massage without any soreness or discomfort the following day. Seriously one of the best massages I've ever had! I still can't believe that I received such a great deal for such an amazing time. I highly recommend checking out Alejandro. I will most certainly be back. Kay H. Santa Cruz, CA

    22. :

      I contacted Alejandro via email and after speaking with him on the telephone, I decided to go ahead and make an appointment. Upon arrival at his office, we discussed his professional goals and his background training. Indeed, he is the real thing. What's more, he is very knowledgeable about various massage techniques and imparts a sense of trust and confidence. It was one of the BEST massages I've ever had. Alejandro is determined to make a go at a very competitive business and is just starting out. Please don't be put off by the fact that he doesn't have a fancy-shmancy office. This is especially important for women to know. He's a down-to-earth family man and I can assure you he has no designs on hitting on you. A professional all the way. A.D. Oakland, CA

    23. :

      Finally found a very GREAT massage here in the area!! Alejandro Zedilllo 553 510 6692 ( his phone has some issues) He is U.S. trained in swedish/ deep tissue, Chinese tui na, lymphatic drainage. Professional intake form Clean private room GREAT MASSAGE !!! THANK YOU ALEJANDRO, I'M NOW FINALLY GETTING MORE THAN AN OIL RUB.... I am a retired medical massage therapist from Seattle, Washington. 26 years of training and professional work with physician referred business, so REALLY PICKY about who gives me a massage. Have had 3 massages in the area, and not happy with any of the 3, then met Alejandro. Also a plus that he speaks and understand English perfectly.

    24. :

      Cheryl M - March, 2017 Alejandro is simply the best! Very knowledgeable and skilled, with great customer service. A total pleasure to visit!

    25. :

      I received an excellent message from Alejandro on March 27 2017, for a muscle injury in my hip that was making getting around and walking difficult. He quickly gained my confidence and made relaxation easy by his knowledge and effective communication. The hour & half massage was conducted skillfully and professionally. He quickly located the muscles that were injured and applied just the right amount of pressure and stretching to relieve my discomfort without experiencing more pain. I have had deep muscle massages in the past and am very impressed with the skill and techniques used by Alejandro..I highly recommend him if you need effective and professional treatment.

    26. :

      I am a family physician from Canada. I recently had a cycling accident with serious injury. Alejandro treated me for a month of my rehabilitation. He was professional, knowledgable, and communicative during all the treatments. He showed excellent skill and ability. I would recommend him for any therapeutic massage or even relaxation massage. Guy Joly MD. Nanaimo, Canada

    27. :

      Went for an hour and a half massage to deal with neck pain specifically. The session went so well that I booked an hour massage a few days later. Then I had to leave or would have booked more.. I wish I would have discovered this man earlier in my stay. He is very easy going, professional, and puts you immediately at ease. He continually checks to make sure the pressure is right for you, and it is clear that he knows what he is doing. I highly recommend him. If there were one negative it would be his location. There was a great deal of street noise due to where he is located. I solved that by using ear plugs the second time. Treat yourself and go see him.

    28. :

      I would not hesitate to recommend Alejandro. I found him to be very professional and knowlegable.

    29. :

      I had an hour appointment and cannot tell you how pleased with the results I was. My shoulder was so bad I was holding my arm as I walked around. In the morning my back hurt so much I had a hard time getting out of bed. I have gone to chiropractors before and had satisfactory results but nothing like this. He asked where my problems were and worked specifically on those problems. Next morning my back was much better. Over the next 3 days my shoulder got better and better until I have no pain in it at all. I cannot believe how much better I feel . Unlike other masseuse I was told that it should NOT hurt. I was told to tell him if it hurt. I was informed that if it hurt he was not doing it correct. Not what others tell you. His English is impeccable. He is interesting to talk to. This is the masseuse you want.

      1. :

        Verna-Dec.10th,2017 Very pleased with my massage. I was asked all the questions a Dr. would ask you. Very professional. For any ladies who have reservations of going to a man for a massage rest assure he is very professional. My massage was 1 week ago & I still feel great!!! I'll be back!!! Verna Hahn

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