Not only did the volunteer models look mysterious and dashing in Mardi Gras masks, but many of the 400 attendees joined in the fun by donning beautiful masks.

beautiful guests (2)
guests enjoy (2)
Deb Drew guest yvonne. Thomas

The five designers wowed the crowd with gorgeous original outfits, hats and purses.

Ana rosa models (2) Ana rosa models (1)
Isabel models (4) Isabel models (6) Lizeth models 14 (2) Lizeth models 14 (3) Lizeth models 14 (9) Lombac models (1) Lombac models (2) Lombac models (3) marilyn strut (1)

The surprise intermission entertainment by the Columbian dancers was a big hit.

entertainment (1) FS 14 Columbian dancer (2) Adam music

Adan set the tone with background music from 11am-3pm.

Xaltemba servers 14

by Fashion Show Committee 2014

3 replies
  1. Geoegina McKenzie
    Geoegina McKenzie says:

    Attended the 2013 fashion show but missed the 2014 because it was held in late January. Do you have any idea when the 2015 fashion show will be held? I vote for the month of February (because I will be there for all of February). Just being selfish!!!!!
    Thank you.

  2. Linda Gibbs
    Linda Gibbs says:

    Good Morning Georgina….Sorry you had to miss the 2014 Women to Women/Mujeres a Mujeres Fashion Show. For 2015, the date has been set for January 27th, 2015. We found that when we had it in February, there were so many other fund raisers in January, that we opted to moving the date back to January. When we first started the fashion show, 11 years ago, we always had it in January. Come a few days early and be in Mexico the last week of January so that you can attend!

  3. Linda Gibbs
    Linda Gibbs says:

    Hey Georgina…OOPS…I meant to say…we found that when we had the fashion show in February, that there were so many other fundraisers in February, that we voted to move it back to January. We started out, over 11 years ago, having the fashion show in January and it seemed to work well for us.


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