Was Your Credit Information Given Up by Experian / Equifax?

143 Million Credit Information Accounts Hacked at Experian – What to Do

Sept. 9, 2017

Public Service Announcement:
143 Million Credit Card Accounts Information Stolen

The folks at the Equifax credit reporting agency have again allowed hackers to steal our names, addresses, SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS, and credit information. Equifax executives have known of the thefts since July, 2017, but they chose to not inform anyone that our personal information listed at this gigantic credit reporting agency was not sufficiently protected … and allowed to be stolen … again.

Even if you were never an Equifax customer,  they still lost:
~Your  Drivers License number,     ~ your Social Security Number (SSN),  ~ your birthdate,    and your address.

At least 50% of all American credit card holders personal information was lost.

Equifax is saying that it was NOT an inside job.  Equifax claims that the thieves entered through the Equifax website.

Equifax’s Chairman announced:  “This is clearly a disappointing event for our company …

Editor”s Note:  Wow … Equifax really cares about the rest of us, whose information they lost, even when we have never used their services.

Experts are saying that there is NO NEED to change internet passwords, because those were not stolen (unless you have an Equifax account and use that same Experian password on other sites). …
It is our names, driver’s license information, birthdates. personal addresses & SOCIAL SECURITY numbers that may be sold to identity-thieves … from Equifax’s THIRD massive security leak ‘event’.
Solutions ~ Practical Actions to take Now:
1.  Check to see if your information was compromised:
Equifax has created a website, www.equifaxsecurity2017.com, to help consumers determine if their personal information was lost … and at risk.

Note…  Equifax will NOT NECESSARILY  give you confirmation of whether your information was compromised….
Instead,   If you enter your  last name   and the last six digits of your Social Security number …  Equifax  “enrolls” you in their “protection service” …  but Equifax says this service may not start for several days.

Equifax ‘generously’ offers this “protection service” for 1 year, if we sighn up by Nov 21 …. which means Equifax will begin BILLING US  for using their service if we don’t cancel within a year. ….

2. Sign up for some independent service that regularly frequently checks internet sites to see if your Social Security number appear there ~ as the expert computer programs then notify you by email or by text that your SSN is appearing on suspect websites data-bases.

Unfortunately,   THIS WILL NOT BE OVER IN JUST A YEAR.   Historically,  identity thieves have continued to sell our personal information for years after past security breaches at Equifax, Experian and TransUnion ~hence the need for ongoing years of continuous monitoring of where our personal information is appearing.

Note that AVG is currently offering this SSN monitoring service, and some credit card companies are also offering  SSN monitoring services.   Here is an example link to Discover Card’s  free   SSN monitoring services to their card holders:


At this point, Yucalandia has no facts to support choosing one SSN monitoring service over another.

3.  Monitor your credit card statements for suspicious activity.

4.  Monitor your Credit Records by requesting a copy of your personal report:

5.   Contact one or all 3 of the USA’s big credit monitoring agencies, and consider freezing  your credit reports at all 3 agencies because thieves can use the information stolen from Equifax … to open accounts with creditors that use Experian or TransUnion.

Unfortunately,   THIS WILL NOT BE OVER IN JUST A YEAR.   Historically,  identity thieves have continued to sell our personal information for years after past security breaches at Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

Final Notes:
The big 3 credit monitoring agencies have been losing our personal data since at least 2012, so, it may be time to contact your local Congressman & your 2 Senators and demand that the US government make changes in the regulations …  because

… Do any of us really find it acceptable that Equifax has known of the thefts of over 143 million American’s personal information,    but said nothing for over a month?

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