Vista Guayabitos Has a New Look

Vista Guayabitos Restaurant reopened last Wednesday after being closed for two weeks. During this break, they completely remodeled their restaurant.

The lower balcony is now the main dining area and has seating for up to 40 people. They will be offering a smaller menu filled with chef’s specialties, which we will unveil in a few weeks.

The main dining area has been converted into what will soon become two condominiums.

Vista Guayabitos is open from 1-9pm every day. Visit Vista Guayabitos Restaurant for more information and directions.

The new entrance to the dining area

The newly remodeled dining area on what used to be the lower balcony

Their new bar

Beautiful new colors

Vista Guayabitos has the best view in miles… even on an overcast day like today!

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8 Reviews on “Vista Guayabitos Has a New Look”

  1. :

    We will be up in March. Can hardly wait to see that view.

  2. :

    I loved the food, and the beautiful views…..great place to sit and sip wine, or a cold beer…..the food is super…and of course, the people are the best……can't wait until our return visit in December thru April…..My wife Janet and I will go often, since we love the food and the wonderful views of Guayabitos….

  3. :

    We had a 60th birthday party there for my husband. I arranged reservations at the very end table for 6 people during sunset time. It is a breathtaking view. Took lots of pictures and really enjoyed taking it all in. Being there in the daylight and then night time was very magical. The restaurant followed my instructions to the letter, helping in the cake surprise. The drinks were very special and tropical. The food was fresh and prepared very artistically. I will make sure when we return we always visit this special place even if you don't get the front table, there really isn't a bad one in the place.

  4. :

    Very beautiful place with amazing food and service. Last time we were there it was a big open restaurant,now its very cozy and romantic. Love the inprovements.Hope to come backin 2015,HOLA from CANADA

  5. :

    Can't wait to be back in Lo De Marcos for the Winter and have the chance to go to one of our favourite places, "La Vista" great service, food and atmosphere. Acquainting friends to La Vista is what web enjoy doing. Best Margaritas!!!!

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    We had a wonderful dinner there for our 51st Wedding Anniversary in February and are coming back again for our 52nd in February 2013.

  7. :

    Beautiful up there, nice job! Coming end of jan to end of march! What are the prices of the rentals? Iam interested as I am looking for a place 2012. Thanks, Carol

  8. :

    gonna have to come up as soon as we get to Los Ayala in February, thanks for the beautiful update !!

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