Virgin Mary To Be the Tallest Statue In the World

Guadalupe, Zacatecas is proposing the building of what will be the world’s tallest statue of the Virgin Mary

The proposed statue will be the world’s tallest statue and is expected to be a tourist attraction adorning the City of Guadalupe. Estimated cost will be near $80 million pesos ($4.3 million US). Funding is coming from various sources, including municipal, state and private sources. It is expected that this statue will give a huge boost to the tourism in this low income area. Also proposed are chapels and funeral homes.

A Virgin Mary statue in the state of Puebla currently holds the world record at 23 meters, but the tallest religious statue in Mexico is the Cristo Roto monument of San José de García in Aguascalientes, measuring 28 meters in height. The new statue will measure 47 meters tall and will also eclipse the 38 meter tall Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro.

This project was first proposed back in 2004 but lack of funding caused it to be abandoned. Now that there are various sources of funding, the project is moving forward.

The exact design of the statue has not yet been announced, but when it is, we will bring it to you.

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    Hola - the image of Mary that you have posted is not of Our Lady of Guadalupe... hopefully the Guadalupe statue would be the one constructed...a beautiful historical story of love and forgiveness...?

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