US Consular Meeting Addresses the New Mexican Immigration and Vehicle Importation Laws

There was a special meeting held in Nuevo Vallarta on Wednesday, February 13th to explain the new Mexican immigration laws and the new Mexican laws regarding the temporary importation of foreign plated vehicles. This meeting was organized and presented by the United States Consular for Puerto Vallarta, Kelly Trainor. Also making presentations were representatives from both Mexican Immigration and Customs. There were almost 900 people in attendance.

The program included two PowerPoint presentations and a Question & Answer session dedicated solely to questions received in advance.

I will not try to summarize the meeting, as it is important that all of the information presented be available to all interested parties.

We have converted the original PowerPoint documents to pdf files to ensure that everyone can access this information. Here are copies of the official documents presented. Please note that these are large files and may require some extra time to download to your computers.

For any questions, call the Mexican Immigration Office in Mexico City at 01-800-004-6264. Their staff is extremely thorough, helpful and are available to answer any questions you may have.

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