Update on Los Ayala’s Infrastructure Project and New Malecon in La Peñita

The collections for Los Ayala’s infrastructure project continue… Miguel Sillas, Los Ayala’s Juez, brought the amount raised to date, to just over $150,000 pesos. Miguel has been going door-to-door to collect the infrastructure assessment from property owners in Los Ayala, and will continue to do so until we fulfill our commitment, which was to raise 25% of the cost ($250,000 pesos). The great news is that there has not been one break in the new 800 meter line since it was installed in March 2012.

Romy has submitted a project for the andadors (walkways leading to the beach) in Los Ayala to be redone, hopefully by next February.

The construction of Malecon in La Peñita has been delayed a little because all studies presented to Semarnat have to be sent to Semarnat in Mexico City. Romy advises that they are just waiting for a positive response to start the project, and while she is not sure how much longer the delay will be, she is hopeful that the project will commence in a couple of weeks.

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