Update: Nuevo Ixtlan Hot Springs, the El Tonino Way

The Easter holiday must have lit a fire under the men who do the building here at the Nuevo Ixtlan Aguas Termales. Just two weeks earlier, there were piles of rocks and sand; now there are 5 new pools to splash in and wooden doors on the banos!

The holiday vacationers had found their way to the hot springs the day I took my friends there, and in true Mexican fashion no one seemed to mind the several dozen extra people scattered about the area. It was quite a change from the one or two car loads we were used to.

One thing I didn’t mention in my previous article is that there is a sense of privacy here as the pools complement the natural setting that encompasses this site. Several of the man-made rock and concrete pools are interlocking, yet separate, and some of the pools appear to cascade from one to the next, but each one has its own hot water feed. There are also various types of flowering bushes and plants that help divide areas and allow each pool to have its own seating space nearby.

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    Hello I was thinking of visiting the hotsprings next weekend, and I noticed this article was written a number of years. Can anyone let me know what the springs are like currently? Thanks

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    If you do not have a 4W, you can take the road towards Alta Vista, and turn right at big intersection before going up last hill to Alta Vista. This way is a bit longer, but you eventually pass through Cucarocha and can do it in a car.

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    Thank you Allyson, it is always interesting to read your articles, you seem to travel a lot with your husband, I envy you. I am in La Penita for 6 months every year, since 2007 and I travel with your articles. I have been to those hot water pools with friends and always enjoy my day there. I would like to go more often but I have no wheels so I have to wait for somebody who will go. I will be seeing you at the animal clinic in Nov. take care.

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    There is only one Pemex in La Colonia (which in just north of La Penita). It is located on the east side of the highway near the first vivero. To view the exact location, click on the La Colonia map here... https://explorenayarit.com/maps-jaltemba-bay

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    thanks for the very interesting article on the hot springs. I really want to go but I am not sure where exactly the La Colonia Pemex gas station is located. Unfortunately I do not know all the Pemexes by name...thanks again for your great article.

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