Timeline Released for New Malecon in La Peñita

The following timetable was recently released for the bidding and construction of the new Malecon in La Peñita:

  • August 16 – Solicitation for bids began
  • August 20 – CompraNet (Department of Public Service) to visit site
  • August 21 – Board of Clarification meets
  • August 28 – Presentation and opening of bids
  • September 17 – Estimated start date

The performance period is 106 days which places the completion date at approximately January 1, 2013. Taking into consideration the holidays and other days off during the construction period, I would expect February 1, 2013 to be a more realistic completion date.

Currently, the length of the Malecon is projected to be 170 meters (558 feet). Discussions have progressed to temporarily delay the construction of the perpendicular pier, thus financially allowing extending the total length of the main Malecon to 217 meters (712 feet).

This new plan indicates that the Malecon will begin at Calle Rubén Jaramillo and run south to Calle Crisanto Jacobo (see blue circled area above). Pedestrians and vehicles will be allowed on Circuito Libertad, and planters will be added that can be used as benches for visitors.

Increasing the length of the Malecon requires removing 2 casas and relocating the 2 families that are now living there. The Ejido has donated 2 parcels of land for these families to relocate to and is currently working on finding them a place to live during the construction of their new casas. Donations are being solicited to help pay for the construction of the casas. President of the Relocation Committee, Gilberto Sanchez, asks that all donations whether in cash or materials, be dropped off at the Comex paint store in La Peñita (under his name). If anyone has questions, they can contact Sr. Gomez on his cell (311) 122-5210. Numerous donations of cement and brick have already been received.

Destruction of the 2 casas is scheduled to begin within the next couple of days.

Watch here for more information as it becomes available.

In case you missed our last story titled “New Malecon in La Peñita is Coming to Fruition,” here is a link which includes renderings of the proposed Malecon.

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    Be ready in time for us to arrive! Looking forward to the added value in visiting La Penita. Very exciting times!

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