Tijuana became the first city in Baja to ban plastic bags

Tijuana, Baja California, became the first city on the northern border of Mexico, to unanimously approve, in the Cabildo session, the non-use of plastic bags in self-service and convenience stores, adding to several articles of the Regulation of Protection to the Environment for Tijuana, a measure that will come into force in 180 days from its publication in the Official State Periodic. This measure emerged from the joint work that the XXII City Council of Tijuana initiated with the UN Program for Mexico on the environment in June 2017, when the city was the first entity in the country to join the global Mares Limpios campaign, which seeks to reduce Pollution by plastic in the oceans.

The initiative to prohibit the use and transportation of plastic bags in Tijuana, had the support of the business sector through the National Chamber of the Tijuana Transformation Industry, as well as Applied Green Economy, which led the modification with the support of the service sector and civil society. FABRICA 25 PERCENT For the production of Tequila, dairy and furniture is recognized Arandas, Jalisco; However, this municipality is also known for being a reference on a national scale in the production of plastic bags.

According to the Association of Manufacturers of Plastic Bags of Mexico (Inboplast) and the National Association of Plastic Industries, in that place produces 25 percent of all bags manufactured. Jalisco alone represents 50 percent of these products nationwide. José Anguiano Hernández, president of Inboplast, spoke about the profits that are had with respect to the sale of the product and said that this resource is in danger before the proposals aimed at its prohibition. “It would cost Mexico 45 thousand 732 million pesos that we would stop generating; to Jalisco 6 thousand 727 million (Arandas, 2 billion), I do not say it, says the Inegi Economic Census, “he said.

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    Good, it is about time that all plastic things be banned. Because it finds itself in the sea and kills too many fish, turtle, dolphins and other species in the water. Thank you.

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