Three Regional Special Needs Schools Travel to La Peñita as part of Jaltemba Equine Education Project (J.E.E.P)

Over 100 children, parents, teachers and school directors from three special needs schools visited the Hilltop Refugio in La Peñita this past Thursday.

George Leavitt, founder of Jaltemba Equine Education Project (J.E.E.P.), and his team of volunteers are working hard to turn the Hilltop Refugio into a safe, fun and educational place for children, especially those with emotional and physical needs. The goal is to offer a unique and exciting experience for these children, many of whom have never taken a field trip, let alone ridden a horse before.

For children with disabilities, the companionship that animals provide is invaluable because it allows them to connect with and receive unconditional affection from another living being. It also teaches them the value of animals in life, and how to take care of them responsibly

A BIG thank you to the 30+ J.E.E.P. volunteers and instructors, as well as the parents, teachers and directors from the Centros de Atención Múltiple #9 in Las Varas, Centro de Atención Múltiple #6 in Compostela and Centro de Atención Múltiple CAM #12 in Bucerias who made this a memorable experience for these special children!

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Here are more photos from today’s field trip…

Get Involved in J.E.E.P.

Hilltop Refugio, the permanent refuge for the Jaltemba Equine Education Project (J.E.E.P.), now has a bodega to store feed, a new tack room and bathroom (albeit without running water or a roof). We still need to purchase materials to build and install posts, fencing and a covered area for visitors. Our wish list also includes a round corral with fencing, a hot walker and panels for our riding area. J.E.E.P. is holding its 2nd Annual Fundraiser to help raise funds to complete these projects.

2nd Annual Pony Up! for J.E.E.P. Fundraiser
Thursday, January 23, 2014
Please join us at Los Compadres Restaurant in La Peñita from 2-5pm to meet the horses, learn about the J.E.E.P. project and to show your support. We’ll get together to enjoy the panoramic view of Jaltemba Bay, gourmet pizza and drinks, music, a silent auction, 50/50 draw, friends and fun. Come dressed in your western gear and “pony up” for J.E.E.P. Tickets are $250 pesos per person and may be purchased at Los Compadres RestaurantCarnicería La Nayarit and from members of the J.E.E.P. Team. We are also asking that event-goers bring school supplies to donate to the Centros de Atención Múltiple #9 in Las Varas. If you cannot attend, you can still put your money on a horse and support the cause by making a donation via their webpage below.

Saturday Open House
9am-3pm – November to mid-April
Everyone is invited to come up to the Hilltop Refugio to meet our rescue horses, cats and dogs, our Junior Trainers and the J.E.E.P. volunteers. You can even ride a horse around the refuge, brush them and/or help muck out the stalls. We hope to see you there!

by Allyson Williams for J.E.E.P.

About Jaltemba Equine Education Project (J.E.E.P.): Jaltemba Equine Education Project was established in December 2012 by George & Loretta Leavitt to help large animals like horses, donkeys and mules who are ill, malnourished or being mistreated in Jaltemba Bay, Nayarit, Mexico. To learn more or to make a one-time gift or recurring donation, visit Jaltemba Equine Education Project (J.E.E.P.)

Your donations will help J.E.E.P. buy food, shelter, medication and the equipment necessary to care for the rescue horses, as well as complete the Hilltop Refugio. Remember, donations of tack and gear, both new and used are always needed and much appreciated.

Los Centro de Atención Múltiple CAM de la Region visitaron La Peñita como parte del Proyecto de Educación Equina de Jaltemba J.E.E.P.


16 de Enero de 2014 – Mas de 100 personas entre niños, padres de familia, maestros los directores de los Centros de Atencion Multiple, visitaron el Refugio de la Loma en la Peñita de Jaltemba este pasado jueves.

George Leavitt, fundador del Proyecto de Educacion Equina de Jaltemba J.E.E.P. y su grupo de voluntarios han estado trabajando arduamente para lograr que el Refugio de la Loma sea un lugar seguro, divertido y educativo para los niños y jóvenes, especialmente para aquellos con necesidades especiales tanto físicas como emocionales. El objetivo es ofrecer una experiencia única para los niños y jóvenes que no habían disfrutado de un día de campo o nunca habían montado a caballo. Para los niños con discapacidad, la convivencia con los animales, en especial con los caballos, es de gran estimulo ya que experimentan emociones de afecto de otro ser vivo.

Un gran agradecimiento a los mas de 30 voluntarios, a los instructores de J.E.E.P. asi como a los padres de familia, maestros y directores de los CAM de Bucerias, Las Varas y Compostela que hicieron posible que esta experiencia fuera memorable para estos niños tan especiales.

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