3rd JBAR “Paws for the Cause” FUNdraiser Announces Hawaiian Theme

Our upcoming JBAR “Paws for the Cause” FUNdraiser on December 8th is going to be a wonderful event, and we now have a theme. Think pineapple drinks, grass skirts and leis, because we’re getting into the Aloha spirit!

Start rounding up your HAWAIIAN shirts, dresses, sarongs and other attire… the same for the DOGGIES. I can see the COCONUTS and GRASS SKIRTS now!!!

(The photo above is only to get your attention… we would never give alcohol to our pups!)

We still need committee volunteers for decorations, t-shirts, food and drinks, 50/50 tickets, silent auction (yes, we need items!), prizes and our doggy parade. Please join in and help so we can raise big money for the doggies!

If you have friends or neighbors who have dogs, please bring them to this wonderful event.

Hawaiian “Paws for the Cause” 2013

Date: Sunday, December 8, 2013
Time: 1-4pm

Location: Thomas Bartlett’s Hacienda La Peñita
Location: Cirquito Libertad #65, La Peñita

Entrance Fee: $200 peso donation

I love this theme! Let’s go for 150 people this year… well maybe even 200. We’ve got the promotions started, we’ll have professional photos by Mel… and lots and lots of dogs!!!! (Sorry cats, but this is not your party!)

Hugs to all… Now I will never sleep with dreams of doggies and pineapple drinks going through my head!!!

P.S. All doggies must on a lead to attend.

by Sarah Walker

About Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue (JBAR): Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue (JBAR) was established in 2003 by Lin Chimes of Los Ayala, Nayarit, Mexico. Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue advocates humane and healthy practices for animals in the Jaltemba Bay area by promoting health, education, spay and neutering, adoptions, foster care and positive relationships with animals and their owners. JBAR also works to find homes for street dogs and cats. This effort has significantly improved the overall health and enjoyment of life on Jaltemba Bay for human visitors, residents and also our four-legged friends. To learn more or to make a donation, visit Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue (JBAR).

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  1. :

    Dec 8th will be on a Sunday, so, where is the error? Is the date good and the day wrong.........or the day good and the date wrong.

    1. :

      France, thank you so much for bringing the error to our attention. The event will be held on SUNDAY, December 8th. I have corrected it above.

  2. :

    Thanks Alloson, the activities and fun is beginning to build...this will be a fun day for ALL THE DOGGIES.........HUMANS TOO! Lots of activities will happen! BIG DOG DAY!

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