The Transition of Mexican Tourist Auto Insurance

Jim Lewis of Santa Monica is a pioneer in insurance services for tourists to Mexico. His concern for consumer affairs was fueled by a 1980 internship with Ralph Nader, and this experience led to a revamping of consumer pricing for Mexico auto insurance policies.

“When I began my insurance career with Hart and Lewis in 1981, coverage and rates in Mexico were government regulated,” he recalls. “But by forming travel clubs, we were able
lewis-and-lewis-and-qualitas-in-tijuanato create group rates, which resulted in dramatic savings for the tourist. Today, our tourist liability rates are the lowest you’ll find from the strong underwriters with whom we work.”

Mexico is a natural for this California native.

“Just as it is here, not all policies are created equal. Although your driver’s license is valid, your US automobile policy does not cover you in Mexico. Unfortunately, should you have an accident, you don’t want to worry about all the details, so we do that for you. Mexico’s laws are different. That’s why our policies include legal aid to cover attorneys, bail, etc. I cannot recommend this more highly.

“Back in 1981, uninsured drivers were a real problem. Today, most states require auto insurance but in all states as well as the Distrito Federal, liability is required under civil law with a limit of 5,000 days of the local minimum wage for a negligent fatality. Make certain you have enough coverage! It can be close to $300,000 needed just for the death of one person.

“The limits you carry in Mexico need to be as much as those you carry on your US or Canadian auto liability policy, as claims for Death Liability in Mexico will now be similar to the damages that are often imposed by courts in the US and Canada in similar cases.”

Here is a summary of why people need $500,000 CSL liability limits now that include coverage for Civil and Criminal.

3 Examples of Financial Responsibility for Vehicular Manslaughter
All amounts in U.S. dollars based on a $12.60 exchange rate. Amounts shown are per person liability in case of death and do not include funeral expenses.

State                          Criminal Penalty                 Civil Penalty
Baja California Sur                    $51,397                       $296,397
Jalisco                                     $120,179                       $120,179
Yucatán                                   $280,508                       $280,508

In addition, all our auto policies include an International and Domestic Air Ambulance at no additional cost for greater peace of mind. It covers you in the event of injury in an automobile accident as well as for life threatening illness, and can transport you to San Diego, Houston or Vancouver, BC, Canada.

There’s much more in our basic policy as well as optional add-on services to meet your own personal needs.

Driving in Mexico is a wonderful way to experience the country up close. Just make sure you’re covered for the unexpected. At Lewis and Lewis Insurance Agency, Inc., we’re happy to help.

by Jim Lewis

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