The Secluded Marieta Islands

The half dozen fishermen, conversing and patiently waiting for customers, suddenly were out of their seats at our arrival at the Cooperativo de Pescadores (Fishermen’s Cooperative) in Punta Mita. The closest one to me asked, “Quiere pescar o tour de Las Islas?” (Do you want to fish or a tour of The Islands). I noticed a look of disappointment on his face when I responded, “Buscamos a Rudi; tenemos reservacion con el” (We are looking for Rudi; we have a reservation with him).

The eight of us had come to Punta Mita to catch a boat to Las Islas Marietas, two islands formed by volcanic activity thousands of years ago, now a nationally protected bird sanctuary. Our 20 minute trip to The Islands was lengthened somewhat by the appearance of a family of four humpback whales. Rudi slowed the boat, approaching as closely as possible, so we could see this marvel of nature.

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There are 92 species of aquatic birds here, most notably the blue-footed boobie, only found in Las Islas Marietas and the Galapagos. The Islands are located just three miles off Punta Mita, about a 45 minute drive from our home in Los Ayala to the north, and 45 minutes to Puerto Vallarta to the south. After touring around The Islands, we spent the last 45 minutes snorkeling its reefs, which contain numerous species of coral and fish.

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Time has flown by, and over half of our time here in Mexico is over. Our time has been divided between volunteering for Community Organizations, socializing with our North American and Mexican friends, and exploring new areas. As you know, I work with our annual breast cancer clinic, and Jeff and I are on the Steering Committee of our area’s community cultural center. In February, the Center sponsored a 50’s/60’s sock-hop, a fundraiser to benefit its operating costs. I “laughed till I cried” when Jeff’s outfit won “Best Dressed”. The prize should have been for “most dorky” dressed instead. (P.S. That is not me in the photo… I didn’t dress quite as dorky as Jeff; we were a sight to see). Five hours of dancing to the Oldies; it was so much fun.

Tomorrow we’ll be heading to the Interior of Mexico, south of Mexico City to the cities of Toluca (where President Obama, the Canadian Prime Minister and Mexican President recently met), Cuernavaca and Puebla. This area of Mexico is new for Jeff, a trip in celebration of another year of life for me also. There is so much to see in Mexico; we think we need another lifetime to cover it all.

by Holly Trujillo

For more information about booking a tour to the beautiful Las Islas Marietas, visit Eco-Aventours webpage.

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