The Rainy Season Has Arrived

The rainy season has arrived. The dusty palms are washed. The jungle and orchards display their splendor of color and fruit. All is fresh again.

The large potholes provide the adventure of driving through to find their bottom. So far they all have one.

The rainy season has arrived. With it comes the jungle sounds, First soft morning rain, the sound of birds, The warm humid air. We all perspire and glow.

The rainy season has arrived. The soaring birds sailing over jungle and ocean in an effortless glide seeking updrafts. Pelicans, buzzards and the magnificent frigate bird. An amazement to watch and to dream.

The rainy season has arrived. The pacific sky, clear, then the puffy clouds, the storm clouds with their display of light and noise that blend with and touch the ocean.

The majestic sunsets. Each a spectacle of awe and beauty. as the bright golden sun sinks on the horizon as it travels further westward.

The rainy season has arrived. At night an orchestra of the most unusual sounds. A continuous shrill whistle as that of a boiling kettle.

The tooting of a toy horn in perfect cadence. One toot after another. Toot, toot, toot, toot.

The sound of the cranking of an old car. It never starts. Late into the night. Late into the night. The rainy season has arrived.

Written by BK Barringer, Casa Carolina, Chacala

About the Author: BK Barringer is a retired professional Civil Engineer, who enjoys working with the locals in Chacala on numerous projects. Presently, he is working with locals to complete the Stadium portion and the landscaping and irrigation of the new Chacala Park.

Recently, he helped Jose Enrique de Valle, President of the Citizens Action Committee in Chacala and owner of the Mahajua Resort and Spa, with the Clean Beach Certification project for Chacala. Chacala was Nationally Certified as a clean beach in August of 2011 and is now working on a recreational park! BK states that a lot of the credit goes to Jose for heading up these projects, and that Jose somehow always gets him involved.

BK is also highly involved in the Rotary Clubs projects, to improve the schools in La Peñita, Chacala and Zacualpan. He states that somehow, he always stays busy.

BK tells people that “I get up in the morning with nothing to do and when I go to bed at night, I only got half of it done!”

This poem was originally published September 1, 2011 on Magical Los Ayala under “Jaltemba Bay Articles of Interest.”

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