The long awaited and much anticipated malecón in La Peñita is almost a reality.

  • The deep, below-sea-level retaining wall footings were dug despite the ongoing tides and constant wave action of the sea.
  • Many truckloads of fresh dirt, sand and rock were hauled in and compacted to provide a steadfast base for the malecón’s walkway.
  • Multiple stairways were constructed on both the road and ocean sides to provide not only access to the boardwalk for pedestrians, but also ramps to accommodate wheel chairs.
  • The adjoining streets were dug up to accommodate the new utility hook-ups and have since been paved with a beautiful stamped concrete surface.
  • New curbing has been installed with a permanent “no parking” yellow color embedded into it.
  • Finishing touches to the utility hook-ups will be completed prior to the final sidewalk surface being laid.
  • A bright and shiny new stainless steel handrail has been installed to prevent folks from falling off the malecón walkway and onto the street below.

Before the inaugural celebration which is scheduled to take place near the end of this month, the crew still needs to remove the old electrical poles, replace one damaged palm tree and install the light poles and new lighting fixtures which have yet to be delivered.

Local folks are already enjoying the view from the new malecón during off-construction days and nearby residents are hopeful that it will provide the much needed protection from the large waves that can occur during hurricane season.

We will keep you updated as the construction process becomes history and everyone is welcomed to use the newest and most anticipated tourist attraction in La Peñita de Jaltemba.

by David Thompson
photo by Tom Plattenberger

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