The numerous Christmas beach tourists in Los Ayala creates an ebb and flow of attention-grabbing human mass that is further enhanced by the numerous vendors hawking their wares. As one gazes upon the horizon, the hard working peddlers trudge the sandy playa vigorously working to sustain a living. I realize some tourists do not appreciate the intrusions, but a gentle “no gracias” usually sends them onto the next potential sale. A price inquiry or a lingering look at an item will promote the wise vendor to press for a precious sale. And if you enjoy a wee bit of bargaining, most vendors will enter into the exchange satisfying both the seller and the buyer. And how convenient having snacks and souvenirs brought right to your sunbathing spot!

Let’s hope that government rules are not injected to control the colorful inflatable toy sellers, the jewelry, clothing, hats and other varied merchandise people and the food hawkers all striving to obtain a living while adding color and interest to “people-watching” time spent on the beaches here in Jaltemba Bay.

Busy Navidad Berg 3 Busy Navidad Berg 5

Article and photos by John and Doreen Berg, January 2014

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