The “Bridge of Life” is a Work in Progress

The Bridge of Life, as most of us call it, is the suspended walking bridge that connects Avenida del Sol Nuevo in Rincon de Guayabitos with Calle Bahia de Banderas in La Penita. It was originally constructed by the residents of the Zona Residencial in Guayabitos back in 2003 as a means of providing residents safe passage between the two towns and to help keep pedestrians off the busy highway. The immediate reduction in pedestrian related accidents on the highway proved the true value of the bridge.

The original cost of the bridge was approximately $20,000 USD.

Each year, a few Guayabitos residents get together to do necessary repairs to the bridge, replace deteriorated boards, rusted nuts, bolts and cables, cyclone fencing and paint as needed. These residents – Robert Finzer, Steve Finzer, Paul Finzer, Roger Attwood and others – undertake this important project with some financial help from the Guayabitos Homeowner’s Association; the balance comes out of their own pockets.

During the past nine years, many thousands of people have crossed the bridge along with the occasional motor bikes, scooters and horses. All of this traffic is taking its toll on the bridge.

This year, 24 cross boards were removed and replaced along with the other necessary repairs, all consuming in excess of 140 man hours. We greatly appreciate all the love and sweat these individuals have selfishly invested to keep “our” bridge in tip-top shape.

Soon (sometime within the next few years) the main suspension cables will need to be replaced. The estimated cost to do this is over $6,000 USD, in addition to hundreds of man hours and extra volunteers that will be needed to do the job.

In the past, we have requested donations from people as they crossed the bridge while it was being repaired. Most people were very happy to donate a few pesos to help keep the bridge in useable condition. But collecting this much money “a few pesos at a time”, will require a lot of extra time and energy.

If anyone would like to provide financial support to help replace the cables and/or for ongoing maintenance expenses, please contact me at or any of the above named individuals. Or if you have a good idea on how to raise the funds, your ideas and help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Great comment Ken. I am planning on meeting with Romy on another project and will ask her about this one too.

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    Since this bridge is available for the general public to use, it would probably qualify for 3 for 1 funding as a public works project. Romy Mora, one of our local representatives to the Municipal Council is an expert on this funding process. I suggest she be consulted on the issue. I am sure the local 25% share can be raised without much difficulty. BTW...Romy speaks English.

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    Our combined time in La Penita and Guayabitos is approaching 8 years. For that entire time The Bridge of Life has been the only safe link between the two towns; not only for us, but for hundreds of people. The "Bridge" is seeing more and more traffic each year so the cost to maintain it, in pesos and man hours, has grown accordingly. Perhaps it is time to consider a more permanent structure for pedestrians and wheelchairs. It would be a huge benefit to the entire community. We would be prepared to contribute. Are there others who feel the same?

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    I use the bridge of life when in Guayobitos, I noticed when we first arrived in December that it was needing lots of repairs. I really didn't enjoy going over the bridge when I first got there as it was too shaky for me. In March I noticed some boards had been replaced and new bolts put in. March 22nd the wife of the fellow who is replacing the boards was there collecting funds to replace more boards and new bolts, so gave her a donation. While talking to her there were people giving donations and others were ignoring her. I can see locals using their bikes to get from LaPenita to Guayobitos or Los Aylas to get to work but I don't think quads, motor bikes should be allowed on the bridge.

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    Hi everyone, I would like to congradulate you all for your efforts! If the bridge was cement we would contribute funds and time for fund rising, but only if I could drive my small quad bike across.

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