In a few weeks, the Margarita Challenge will be here for this season on February 6 to be exact and do we have a doosier for you in the way of contestants. All of the contestants have been Champions in previous years of the Challenge, the contestants will perform also in the order that I have outlined below:

1st up will be Jimmie Howell, although he himself has never participated as a contestant, he will be representing his papa and the Howell tradition of great Margarita makers. His papa the Great Roberto had won the first two Challenges (2004 and 2005) a compete sweep in both the Traditional and Exotic categories.

2nd up will be Jorge representing the Town of Tequila. To Jorge’s credit he has had a couple of second place finishes and last year he was the Exotic Champion. Jorge vows to continue that rein.

3rd up is Rueben representing David’s Palapa on the beach. Rueben has to his credit a couple of 2nd place finishes and of course two as Champion in the Exotic and Traditional Categories. And as he said yesterday to me I AM READY to become a Champion for the third time. I guess the other competitors will have something to say about that.

4th up will be Delma representing Latitude 21. As everyone knows Delma is a fierce competitor and has been around for a while. She has numerous 2nd place finishes to her credit and last year she became a Champion in the Traditional Category and the overall Champion. Delma is happy once again to be back this season and have another chance to be the Champion and will not let anything stand in her way. She is pulling out all the stops.

Last but not least is Patti representing Hinde and Jaimies from the great town of La Penita. Patti has no second place finishes to her credit but she does have four championships two in the Traditional Category and two in the Exotic Category. Do we have to mention she was also the Champion in the Town of Tequila as well. Patti says I DO NOT BELIEVE IN 2ND PLACE FINISHES.

So what do you think, do we have a great field for the 10th Anniversary of the International Margarita Challenge?

Now we cannot have a Margarita Challenge without the Judges can we so here is the line-up.

After many years as the showgirl of the competition. You seen her parading around the Margarita’s as they have been auctioned off, well we have recruited her away from that position to become a Judge. The fabulous Tequila Sheila.

Yes returning for her sixth stint has a Judge we welcome back the ravishing Dot Bell. A tough Judge but very fair and unbiased.

For the 10th and final year as a Judge will be myself as I will be stepping down after this year, if the competition continues I will help out in a MUCH SMALLER capacity. As Jim the great MC of the challenge would say ” I would like to introduce to you BIG BAD BOOZING BAZOOKA BILL from Winterpeg”.

For those of you who will be joining us for this festive night of fun and enjoyment… Welcome, just sit back and we will entertain you.

See you all on February 6th.

Written by Bazooka Bill on behalf of the 10th Annual International Margarita Challenge