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Each issue of the Explore Nayarit newsletter contains photos, stories, articles and information that we gather throughout the year. Our newsletter has become so popular in part because of our fabulous and dedicated contributors and readers. However, we are always in need of fresh material. Read the guidelines below to learn how to share your stuff. We can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to lately!

Submit a Photo of the Week

We love sharing photos from our readers. Please include the following:

  • Photos must be at least 500-800 pixels wide. If you don’t understand what this means, please ask.
  • Photo title (or a title for a photo series).
  • Detailed description of what the photo(s) are and where they were taken. The more information, the better!
  • Photographer’s name.
  • City and state/province where the photographer lives.
  • Submit photos and information via the Submission Form below.

Submit an Article, Story, Recipe or Letter to the Editor

Articles can be short and sweet, or a entire chapter long. They can be personal stories, vacation logs, day trip notes, volunteering adventures, local interest stories or anything else you want to share. You can submit something once, twice, three times… or become a regular contributor by submitting material more often. Who knows, you might enjoy seeing your name is print.

  • Submit your article via Microsoft Word, pdf file or the submission form below. We are not fussy!
  • Articles must be accompanied by at least one photo (at least 500-800 pixels wide).
  • If you have multiple photos, please include photo captions and/or photo placement.
  • Submit articles and photos via the Submission Form below.

Then, watch for your story in an upcoming issue of our newsletter.

Submit an Special Event or Community Group Article

First of all, add your event to our event calendar for everyone to see. It’s free and we’ll include a link to your event in an upcoming issue of our newsletter.

Due to the increasing number of community events and fundraisers, we ask event organizers and community group leaders to submit information in one of two ways:

  1. Either submit your event information in the form of a well-written article or press release via the Submission Form below. Please attach at least one photo (minimum 500-800 pixels wide), your event poster or event/community group logo. Be sure to include the event date, time, location, ticket information and price, contact information and any other relevant information. By choosing this option, we will run your article in the next issue of our newsletter and on our blog. Often times, our blog articles are picked up by other local websites and/or shared on social media by our readers. Do NOT use all caps or your story will be returned.
  2. Or post your event information on Jaltemba Bay Folk, our community forum. By choosing this option, we will simply include a link to your post in the next issue of our newsletter.

Submission Deadline: Our newsletters are published every other Wednesday. Submissions must be received by noon Monday (2 days prior to each Wednesday publication date).

Submit your Feedback or Suggestions

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