Last week, I shared a recipe and some history about fish tacos (if you missed it, you can read it here). The recipe included the phrase “spritzito of lime”, and I commented that I had no idea what that phrase meant. Well low and behold, I got an email from my dear old friend Bert who explained it oh-so-eloquently as only Bert can do. I have a feeling you will enjoy his response as much as I did…

Dictionary (mine): ” s p r i t z i t o ” = a small amount of liquid (a spritzer) of lemon or lime, or club soda (see below).

Finally an opportunity to inject some “northern humour” as this arrives from a very wet and cool Sherbrooke, Quebec, and yes, still Canada. It is with some authority that I claim to know the origins of the word “spritzito” – heck, even my computer high-lights it immediately as incorrect – as it surely must be derived from the Austrian word “Spritzer”, one of my favourite summer drinks. Usually white wine it is topped off with soda water, a very refreshing beverage indeed. The verb “gespritzt” therefore means any wine served diluted equally with carbonated water. With Dave’s experience at the bar (no offense meant here, buddy!) does he not recall the term “spritzer?”

Of course, in remote places such as your home in Minnesota where one finds more Swedes than in Stockholm one might get a somewhat different version of my favourite summer refreshment. It may sound more like vodka, I suspect!

In the hope that I somehow widened your horizons – and enriched your lives, or at least your vocabulary – I leave you now with the threat of returning to Rincon once more to raise a glass of smooth Compadre at my favourite bar, with a 16 trillion dollar view of the ocean and a little island just off-shore.

Hasta la proxima, amigos!

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