Sewer Pump Station Beautification in Los Ayala

A couple months ago, Gerti had an idea to cover the chainlink fence around the sewer pump station in Los Ayala. I started to canvass friends and neighbours for financial support for the project, and amazingly fast, we had enough pledges to order the material. Humberto Sandoval, our architect, picked up the material in Puerto Vallarta and gave us instructions on how to install it.

Los Ayala Pump Station 1

Our thanks go out to Bruce Brown, Bryon Kost, Chester Platninski, Jim Laturnas and Ed Doll who made up the installation crew.

It was amazing how many locals stopped to say thank you and showed how much they appreciated what we where doing, and also offered to help.

by Helmut Wassermann

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    Great job guys! Its wonderful to see the little changes that happen in our winter home town. I see our new mayor Rigo out and about every morning walking the streets and talking to the workers who are finishing up some of the new projects of infrastructure and beautification. Anything we as visitors can do to help in making small changes is always the right thing... Thanks again...

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    It's especially nice to see folks working together to make a difference to our community. Thank you.

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    Great idea Helmut! Thanks for taking on this project. What a difference a day makes!

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