The Malecón in La Peñita has a fresh coat of paint and colorful decals on the street side, newly applied varnish on the benches, new stainless plaques attached to the railings, electricity for the fancy new street lights, replacement palm trees for the ailing ones and new garbage containers covered with plastic bags to temporarily discourage their use.

The stage is almost set.

Malecon La Penita 1403

Malecon La Penita 1407
Several new stainless plaques with Gobierno de La Gente, Nayarit and UNIDOS logos have been attached along the railings.

Word had it that Governor Sandoval would be here last week to formally dedicate the Malecón. Since last week came and went, everyone now expects him to arrive sometime this coming week. I spoke with the project superintendent this afternoon, who told me that he had no real idea but did expect that the dedication ceremony would occur at some point this next week.

Malecon La Penita 1409

In the mean time, the workers were putting the finishing touches on some sort of black ceramic base that is carefully hidden behind a wooden structure at the north end.

Malecon La Penita 1408

The workers will then begin installing what appears to be a sculpture of the official red and green State of Nayarit logo. The tagline reads “Orgullo Que Nos Une,” which translates to “Pride That Unites Us.”

We will keep you posted when we learn more about the Governor’s arrival and the dedication ceremony.

by David Thompson

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