Semana Santa in Rincon de Guayabitos – Part 2

David and I strolled down to the south end of Guayabitos Saturday afternoon to see how many holiday beach-goers there were compared to past years. We were surprised to see a less crowded beach and a more calm and controlled atmosphere due in part to the Marines who walked the beach and manned the lifeguard stand near Hotel Jacqueline.

Most families came prepared to spend the entire day at the beach with coolers filled with cold drinks and enough food to feed a small army. They could also choose from carts selling ceviche; fish and shrimp on a stick; wheelbarrows filled to the rim with oysters; ice cream treats; pineapple, mango, coconuts and other fresh fruit; the normal bagged snacks and even buckets of chapulines (fried grasshoppers) served with chile and lime. And what spring break destination would be complete without a huge sound stage playing American dance music, a large inflatable soccer field and an assortment of wandering bands and ice cream carts all playing simultaneously? While some vacationers relaxed under umbrellas, tents and tarps, others played with beach balls, flew kites, built sand castles, rode on the banana boat, boogie boarded and floated on inflatable beach toys of every shape and color.

No doubt, this is one of the best spring breaks I can remember.

Here are a few of my favorite shots…

Looking north toward the residential zone in Guayabitos (shown above).

Looking across the estero to a much quieter beach in La Penita.

In the thick of the crowd near the center of Guayabitos.

Everyone, young and old, was enjoying the beach and the numerous water sports available.

The large sound stage at the south end of the residential zone.

One of the many roving bands that played up and down the beach.

A “Modelo” can sand castle made by three teenagers.

Selling fresh coconuts…

Grilled shrimp on a stick…

And even “chapulines” (fried grasshoppers).

A group of Marines patrolled the beach and watched intently from the lifeguard stand near Hotel Jacqueline.

Two gals from Guanajuato marvel at the view from the Fisherman’s Memorial.

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    Always enjoy seeing & learning what is happening in Gauyabitos

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