Semana Santa in Jaltemba Bay – Part 1

Semana Santa is in full swing – the bands are playing day and night; the holiday crowds have taken over the beaches, streets and restaurants; the vendors are busy; the bank machines are out of money almost as fast as they are filled; and everyone is having a good time.

The following photos were submitted by several local photographers and feature the holiday crowds during the past week.

If you took photos during Semana Santa, please share them with us by emailing or posting them on our forum.


Lacy Mutch, from Guayabitos, took these photos (including the feature photo) from a vantage point high above Guayabitos…

And these over Los Ayala…

Rob Erickson, from La Penita, photographed one of the many mobile bands of musicians that will play for pesos… all day and all night it seems!


Christina Stobbs, from Los Ayala, captured the influx of vacationers enjoying the south end of the beach in Guayabitos from the high road to Los Ayala near Vista Guayabitos Restaurant.


Tosia Polomski-Archer, Jaltemba Bay Life Newsletter Editor, thinks some of the beach vendors are quite inventive with how they carry their wares.

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