Semana Santa 2013 in Jaltemba Bay (Last Day)

Today is Easter Sunday. Vacationers are enjoying the last few hours of beach time; vendors are literally lining the beach trying to sell the last of their oysters, ceviche, nuts, fruit drinks and ice cream; and all the restauranteurs I spoke with in Rincón de Guayabitos are happy, but exhausted and ready for a little reprieve after catering to the influx of people that visited our area this week. Everyone we spoke with agreed that it was a great Semana Santa!

This afternoon, families will slowly begin to pack up their belongings and head back home. As usual, the mass exodus will create bumper-to-bumper traffic throughout town and on the highway between here and Guadalajara.

Semana Pascua, or Holy Week, begins tomorrow and will bring a new group of excited vacationers with coolers full of goodies and beach gear in tow, all ready for some sun, sand, surf and all this area has to offer. We can expect another busy week in Jaltemba Bay!

Get out there and enjoy it.

South end of La Peñita beach (looking north from the estero)

There were quite a few people enjoying the north end of Guayabitos beach.

The number of people quickly increased as we approached the south end of the residential zone.

The crowd pretty much doubled as we walked past Hotel Jacqueline

and Suites Torre Blanca.

Shrimp or fish on a stick anyone?

The beach was packed near Posada La Misión and Salvador’s Restaurant…

in front of Decameron Los Cocos…

and all the way to the south end of the beach by Toñita III and Latitude 21.

The Marines patrolled the beach and the Navy made several flights overhead in their helicopter again today. In addition, the Marines had a lifeguard stand and information booth on the south end of the beach.

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by Allyson Williams

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