This is Courtesy of Pam Thompson-Webb –

I now have a 100%, completely reliable, confident and trustworthy donation source for Oaxaca, Chiapas and Morelos (a personal one). Maru Rodriguez, a friend of mine for many years has friends and family located in CDMX. We have been discussing how to get donations/monies to the people that most need it in these areas as soon as possible. She says:
Hola, Yes I have 2 persons we can send money to and they can buy things directly to affected people, and send photos of what they are doing in Mexico City, also I have people in the Chiapas and Oaxaca areas and they can also inform where the money is used to every person that donates.
Please email Maru: or you can email me at and I will forward your email directly to Maru.
Now, please do not think for one single minute that there are not other great charities, other places to donate! But for me, personally I have chosen Maru as “my connection” to work with. As we move forward with this, Maru will send me updates to add, photos, what is needed, translation of reports from her friends.