Villagers from La Escobilla beach informed the representative in Mexico of the UN for the environment (UNDP), Dolores Barrientos, that the sale of turtle eggs has dropped in the area because there are no buyers.

This official toured the coast of Oaxaca during the weekend to promote the elimination of plastic; In his activities he met with the locals who explained him about the care of the turtles.

Pedro Ramírez, a member of the Escobilla Cooperative explained that, in recent years, the egg market has fallen because there is no longer demand.

“It has been going down because there are no buyers like there used to be, before there were very strong buyers, with big cars, they arrived and, right now there is not,” he said in an interview with Barrientos.

In the material disseminated by the representative of the UN, Ramírez acknowledged that there are still people who continue to trade these products and that, despite the information they have been given on the protection of the species, “do not understand.”

He added: “Before a buyer gets 700 thousand eggs, now not anymore; Now (the locals) take out their thousand or two thousand eggs but they will sell them alone, to see if they are lucky and not to catch them. If they take out the eggs in the first arrival, but in the second night they do not take out because they have the egg in the house, there is no sale because there are no buyers, “he said.

The also certified guide by the National Commission of Protected Natural Areas (Conanp) told Barrientos that they are seeing the recovery that year after year, the species has had.

He highlighted that Escobilla is the most important beach in the world in the top of turtles Golfina, Prieta and Laud; that on some nights up to 100 thousand species arrive to lay their eggs.