Sarah’s Survivors: Her Name is Adelita

It had been raining through the night and the creeks were all full and the water running rapidly.

I was approaching a little bridge on a dirt road and something moved in front of my car. I slammed on the brakes and jumped out. There in the middle of the road was a tiny tiny kitten, the color of the road she was so dirty. I picked up this tiny wet ball of fur and moved it away from the road… I was on an important errand. I also had just rescued 6 other puppies, and with my own 6 dogs I had my hands full… I didn’t need another. Back in the car and on I went. I dropped off the information that I needed to do and I returned to the bridge on my way home. This time I slowly approached the bridge. Yes! There again in the middle of the road was this tiny kitten.

I took a deep breath and got out of the car, scooped it up and wrapped it in a towel that I keep in the car. As I traveled home with the kitten in my lap, I thought this is such a beautiful kitten. As I studied her a little closer, I saw sand inside her ears, she had estuary sludge all over her, and she was skinny skinny boney. My conclusion was that someone tried to drown her in the estuary. Well she is mine now. So I started. Good food! Worm medication! Little antibiotic. Flea treatment. Litter box, toys and 2 days later she is playing all over the place and is white white white… with the most beautiful blue eyes. And, she could handle all the dogs with a little help!

After 2 weeks, I still had not named her. Antonia, my assistant, came in one morning as I was playing with the kitten. I asked her who was a woman in Mexican history that was strong, one who was a leader of people that Mexican women respect. Without hesitation Antonia looked at me and said, Adelita! She was the wife of Pancho Villa, she fought in the revolution, she wore gun belts crossed across her chest, shot rifles and rode horses like the men! Then ADELITA is her name, I said.

About the Author: Sarah J. Walker grew up on a farm in the central part of Ohio. Seldom in her life was she without the companionship of a cat or dog, or both. At present, her loyal guardians are a rescued Labrador, rescued Chiwiennie, 4 chihuahuas and a rescued kitten, 7 in total. In the 9 years she has lived in La Peñita, Mexico, Sarah has witnessed firsthand what love, care (often medical), can do to save the life of an abandoned, sick cat or dog. “To me, these animals can give the purest form of innocent love anyone can ever receive. But it does not come to you without your act of kindness.”

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    Sarah is a living Angel :-) :-)

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    We have an 11 year old cat that was found much in the same way we call her Miss Mew! We have three rescue dogs and yes Miss Mew is the boss. Cats I find out are truly in charge, like so often the sign in a Vet's Office states "Dogs have owners Cats have Slaves!"

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    A beautiful kitten Sarah! She is lucky to be yours!

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    What a truly wonderful person you are for saving this kitten's life. Adelita will reward you with her unconditional love for the rest of her life.

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    A wonderful, heart-warming story... Thanks for sharing!

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