San Pancho Surfing

We heard there was a surfing competition happening in San Francisco, or San Pancho, on August 3-4. We waited until Sunday morning to go with our pack of dogs… three to be exact. It was a beautiful day, there was sun but also a breeze, and we knew that the surfing would be fun to watch… and the dogs would be able to have some running time on the beach.

We arrived in San Pancho around 10am (9am Los Ayala time). The village looked “Sunday sleepy” as we drove down the main street, but as we got closer it was obvious there was excitement and fun happening on the beach. We parked and walked a short distance to the beach, and while not overly packed with people there were enough to give it a “party vibe.” Umbrellas were up, merchants were selling their wares (I got a cute little purse at a great price) and the smell of great food was wafting all along the beach.

We found a spot close to the estuary where our dogs went running in to cool off. We were warned immediately by a kind man that the crocs were out and that they were hungry and waiting for any dog to go in for a quick swim. We called the dogs OUT of the water, not wanting them to become lunch for the croc rather than sharing some of ours with us later.

The waves were not as spectacular as we’ve seen before, however they were large enough that most of the contestants were unable to ride them all the way to shore. There were plenty of spills and thankfully no injuries while we were there. I don’t speak enough Spanish to tell you who won… but it was exciting to watch, and there were plenty of surfers doing their best to win the title that day. We were told that there would have been MORE contestants had the sign-in been at a later time. You had to register by 7am. The surfer I spoke to said that it was too early for him, so he didn’t register.

We stopped and had a beverage on our way out of town, and fully enjoyed our day. Next time I hope my Spanish is fluent enough so I can tell you who won the competition!

by Ellaine Spivak

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    Fun article Ellaine! I'm looking forward to reading more from you.

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    Nice article Ellaine. I am thankful that you write adventures about all of the seasons in the Jaltemba Bay area. Hopefully when I am there in August/September we will be able to experience a 'summer' activity. Miss you !

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    Enjoyed your article. Pics good too. It's always nice to hear from folks who spend all year in Mexico? I come from Canada for 5 to 6 months during the winter and always enjoy hearing about activities going on during the summer months. Moss

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