Rob’s Ramblings: Trip North for Chintz

After fostering numerous kittens this past winter at the J.E.E.P. Hilltop Refugio, I guess it was only natural that we were bound to become “foster failures.” A Foster Failure is someone who offers to Temporarily take care of an animal in their home, to socialize the animal for a smooth transition into life at a new home. With time, and as the Foster Parents and their pets get used to the new animal, quite often the foster home becomes the forever-home.

After sterilization and a Certificate of Vaccination, especially for rabies, the road-trip north went fairly smoothly. US Customs officers checked the certificates for both cats to confirm their rabies vaccinations. At the Canada Customs border crossing, the standard questions included the value of all goods entering Canada. You are traveling with two cats? Does this figure include the value of the cats? I confirm that both cats are street rescues from Mexico. The customs officer immediately replies BOTH cats have a value? She adds “Welcome back to Canada” and sends us on our way.

Oh, how does that effect your ego, Bug?

Trip North for Chintz Rob Erickson 2
Bug’s driving lesson

Trip North for Chintz Rob Erickson 3
Mayo’s couch potato lessons for kittens

by Rob Erickson

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