Rob’s Ramblings: Sharing Spaces with Horses

The past few weeks were a real change for us. We provided post-op care for two rescue horses, namely Canelo and Shadow. As Canelo was one of the first horses to under-go palette surgery, his care was fairly easy. He enjoyed kitchen scraps such as pineapple husks, carrot peels, cucumber and lettuce. Shadow was in the second group to undergo surgery as his health was compromised and Medico Hilde was concerned about anesthesia. After the surgery, all of the horses were able to take some time eating rather than worry about another more dominant horse taking his share.

At the same time, my 81-year-old mother was visiting, and even though she is a bit apprehensive about horses, they still provided something to do, if nothing more than a bit of entertainment watching other J.E.E.P. volunteers with walking and care. Our rescue cat Mayo enjoyed keeping an eye on the horses, day and night (from the back of the sofa). He realized the horses also encouraged his neighbourhood chickens to hang around a bit more, while awaiting the left-over scraps. The manure clean-up also gave us some fertilizer for planting in the garden.

Within a few weeks, all of the horses will likely be moved from the corn-field below Los Compadres Restaurant to the Hilltop Refugio, currently under construction. Next season, watch for a Barn-Raising party at the Refugio. Keep your kitchen scraps in the fridge in the days prior to the function, to provide a special snack for the horses when you attend. The site itself is very spectacular, over-looking Jaltemba Bay, so the horses, the party, and the view are sure to please everyone.

Watch-cat Mayo keeping the chickens and horses under control.
(top) This is my best shot of Canelo. George calls him the new Jefe of the herd, as Peso is off to school in Las Varas.

To learn more about the J.E.E.P. project, visit the Hilltop Refugio / Jaltemba Equine Education Project (J.E.E.P.) webpage. You can make a donation there as well.

About the Author: Rob Erickson, his wife Heather and their rescue cat Mayo, spend half the year living on Vancouver Island, BC. and the other half in the Jaltemba Bay area of Mexico, where they enjoy the warm weather and slower pace of life. Now that Rob has finished building their new house in La Peñita, he can be found mountain biking around the area, volunteering at the JBAR spay and neuter clinics and relaxing in his Mexican-style hammock.

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    Thanks Rob, great article. Canelo is really starting to look great. Shadow is behind the curve, but with all the extra care is without a doubt onto a better life. Thanks for keeping us all informed and for the 'cleanup"!

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