Rob’s Ramblings: Run-Up to Semana Santa

As of 8:30am Tuesday morning, April 15, the crowds were already arriving in mass and many people were up early to stake out beach space, reserving their spot in paradise for Semana Santa.

Footnote for those setting their canopies at water’s edge: later this week, the tide will rise until mid-afternoon, so it might be hard to keep your towel or cooler dry all day.

This is an interesting time of year where the universal no-parking E sign means it is a great, reserved place to park or set up a food-van. Still more room for bus parking at the Los Ayala Hwy cut-off. Lets hope the local vendors have a great season after a rainy Christmas!

Semana Santa Rob Erickson 4 Semana Santa Rob Erickson 5

by Rob Erickson

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