Many of us have taken our first trip to a new country under the great deal of an all-inclusive resort. Plenty of sun, a sandy beach, and lots to eat and drink for a week. For those that don’t leave the gates of the resort, you really don’t get a chance to see the new country or area, or knowledge of the people and culture of this new destination. I am sure many people go home and can’t help but ask if there is something more to see on their next trip. For those thinking about that next trip, and hoping to expand their knowledge of this area, this article is for you.

Today, there are many groups working on a variety of projects in Jaltemba Bay. Everyone will find a project, depending on your personal beliefs and local needs, that will add to your vacation or trip south.

On my first trip to Mexico in the early 1980’s, I was shocked to see the condition of the street animals. Many years and trips-around-the-planet later, we decided to settle in the Jaltemba Bay area of Nayarit. It was only natural that we became involved in the first year of Jaltemba Bay’s spay and neuter clinics, now known as Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue (JBAR). Thousands of animals have been helped by this group through sterilization and care. JBAR now has a regular core group of volunteers to run our semi-annual local clinics, as well as volunteers that plan their trips to Mexico specifically to help at our clinics. These volunteers can now be found at other clinics offered in other towns in Nayarit as well.


Los Amigos de Jaltemba is a service group working on a variety of projects, such as plastic recycling. Recycle bins are made and distributed around Jaltemba Bay to cut down on the amount of plastic reaching landfills and to prevent the burning of plastics. This has turned into a viable business for one local businessman who also collects plastics for recycling. The KinderAide project sees volunteers helping with school supplies as well as providing English lessons to students. The new group Jaltemba Equine Education Project (J.E.E.P) has rescued neglected horses, and the group mandate includes education on the care of horses in this farming area and includes plans to branch into therapeutic riding for disabled people. The Cancer de Mama group provided care to over 560 breast cancer victims this year at the annual Cancer de Mama Clinic.

These are just a sampling of the projects going on in Jaltemba Bay. Are you or your family looking for a vacation to remember for the rest of your lives? Do you want to add a different perspective to family values on what is “mandatory” or “critical” in your lives up-north? Check out one of these projects. At the very least you might see how others in another country deal with day to day issues. Some students from up-north are also required to provide volunteer hours prior to graduating from school, so how about volunteering in a field tied to your personal interests?

On a personal level, you might find a new family pet to adopt at one of our JBAR spay and neuter clinics!

You can learn more about the community projects mentioned here:

by Rob Erickson

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