Rob’s Ramblings: JBAR Las Varas Clinic November 2012

Rob Erickson regularly contributes stories about his daily life in Mexico in a series entitled “Rob’s Ramblings,” which we publish in our weekly newsletter. Rob and his wife, Heather, are dedicated volunteers at the Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue (JBAR) spay and neuter clinics and these clinics play a large part of their lives. Rob has compiled a photo-journal of the Las Varas clinic which took place last week on November 21-24.

Day 1

With three surgery tables underway today at the Las Varas spay and neuter clinic, the work-load passed through the tables very quickly.

We had sufficient volunteers, along with more techs and Dr. Terry Chatton from Victoria, BC.

The students in the school which shares the property with the clinic were also on hand to observe and help out.

Day 2

We had to limit the animal-intake in the morning due to a lack of kennels, so only had 39 animals for the day. However, with 3 surgery tables, the regular 4 PEACE Mexico MASH team and 9 volunteers making up our team, it was still quite manageable. This was a smooth running clinic, with 23 cats and 16 dogs today. Last April, we had very few cats and as normal, very few male animals. As we noted this year at the Rincón de Guayabitos clinic, more families here are bringing their male animals in for sterilization. We have had a few problems cooling the animals due to the metal roof lean-to we are operating under, so tomorrow we are being upgraded to the old jail in the police station, which is also on the property. Yes, I can already hear the comments about Mexican jail stories.

Dr. Inda from Las Varas with volunteer Sheila. Note the Siamese cat in the bird cage!

Student Geraldo was a recent returnee from the US and his English skills were very welcome in the surgery and recovery areas.

Marion was a bit hot, so found another use for a cold Coke.

Tech Lori, from Victoria BC, was excellent in the recovery area. She was here about 2 years ago with Dr. Malcolm’s team as well.

Dr. Poli doing surgery on the final 2 cats (of 23 total).

Don’t waste the anesthetic – Dr. Malcolm did eye surgery while Dr. Anthony was completing the spay on this Chow cross dog.

Nobody even asked for a ride or expected us to transport their pets.

The man with the Chow cross dog loaded it into the milk crate on his bike for the ride home, while the lady brought her wheel-barrow for her dog’s trip home.

What’s with the jail cell? Let’s just say, “stay tuned for our move to indoor surgery to get out from under the heat of the tin-roof lean-to.”

Day 3

After believing our stats looked good on Day 2 at the Las Varas spay and neuter clinic, we managed to get even better. We did a total of 43 animals on Friday, with 13 cats to start the day. Again, we had a team of 14 people to make this day run smoothly. No exotic surgeries today, though a steady pace with 3 surgery tables underway let us finish the last dog at about 2:45pm.

This picture is of Dr. Anthony and Dr. Malcolm creating some famous Mexican-style wiring for more lighting inside the old police station/jail-house. So, to recap, we had 18 animals on Wednesday, 39 animals on Thursday, and 43 animals on Friday. It sounds like the PEACE Mexico MASH team wants to do a short day tomorrow, so we will wait to see what the final count will be.

Love seeing yet another cat in a bird cage. Seems to be a popular theme. There just has to be a joke in there somewhere, poor cats!

The final picture of the day is the spare tires saved for the patrol vehicles, stacked in the corner of the surgery. Doesn’t that make you feel safe??!!

Day 4

And it’s a wrap! Our final day at the Las Varas spay and neuter clinic saw 15 animals under the knife, so the final count is 115. As we sometimes find with these clinics, one of the last dogs to go on the surgery prep table had already been sterilized, as noted by our signature black tattoo for female animals. This was a great clinic and a great effort by our PEACE Mexico MASH team, local Las Varas organizer/helper Maria, Dr. Inda the Las Varas vet, and JBAR volunteers who made the trip to Las Varas. Other than these great numbers seen at both the Guayabitos and Las Varas clinics, it was also a first for our JBAR group to be followed around by a documentary film crew. As they say in show biz, stay tuned!

This photo and the next one show that the team doesn’t always get to work in the type of luxurious surroundings as they did last week in Guayabitos.

A shot of the quality wiring in this building.

The JBAR/PEACE Mexico Las Varas Clinic 2012 Team

For more information, visit the Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue (JBAR) webpage.

About the Author: Rob Erickson, his wife Heather and their rescue cat Mayo, spend half the year living on Vancouver Island, BC. and the other half in the Jaltemba Bay area of Mexico, where they enjoy the warm weather and slower pace of life. Now that Rob has finished building their new house in La Peñita, he can be found mountain biking around the area, volunteering at the JBAR spay and neuter clinics and relaxing in his Mexican-style hammock.

This story was submitted by one of our regular contributors. If you want to join in the fun and share your stories and photos of Jaltemba Bay, Mexico, please email them to Tosia@JaltembaBayLife.com



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