Rob’s Ramblings: Hike to El Cora Cascades

The next trip is to the El Cora Cascadas or waterfalls near San Blas. From Jaltemba Bay, head north to Las Varas and take the highway marked San Blas. Just before Santa Cruz you will see a new Pemex on the right, at the intersection of Hwy. 76 to Tepic. Turn right toward Tepic and at roughly km 10 in the town of Tecuitata, turn right on the road to El Cora. This is a scenic, remote paved road servicing many orchards and fields to the town of El Cora. In El Cora, drive straight through town or turn right at the Zocalo, or town square, for one block. Turn left to drive out of town past the cemetery.

This is a second in a two-part series. You can read Part 1: Hike to Boca de Tomatlan and Las Animas here.

Just after the cemetery, turn left on a rough road through some orchards. Once the road gets too rough for driving (your own judgement call here), park out of the way in an orchard. Walk to the end of this road, past believe it or not, a building that was once a men’s and women’s washroom (obviously someone once had great dreams of a business venture for this walk). At the end of the road, the trail starts to drop sharply into the river valley. The hike to the pool at the bottom is approximately 30 minutes. The reward at the bottom is a great pool, roughly 40-50 meters in diameter, with a scenic cascade pouring into the other side. This a nice place for a swim after your hike. Although the trail has many concrete steps, it is quite rough with some over-grown brush, so good hiking shoes are a must. Those with issues of heights or unable to hike a steep remote trail might want to avoid this walk. Of course, after the hike you might want to check out old San Blas, with it’s historic fort on the hill above town and the quaint seaside town, which is very different from those found in Jaltemba Bay.


by Rob Erickson

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    Do you have more info? Are there 3 falls? How easy to find? Send an email , please. John

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      The description is as good as I can give you. Follow it and you should be able to find it. If not, ask a local in El Cora for the "cascasdas". The main falls is the one in the pictures. There are some small falls just downstream from the pools as well (not as spectacular). No idea on trail condition this year, as everything seems to have an extended growing season due to recent rains.

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    Hi, Thanks for sharing and this looks like a trip we would like to make. A hike and a swim at the end. We are always looking for some things to do in the Los Ayala area.

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