Heather and I made a pact, as well as a promise to our friends at “Pets for Life,” that we would help out with their other local spay/neuter clinics as time allowed. Following this promise, we made the trip to San Blas, Nayarit last week to help with their second clinic this season held on March 19-22.

San Blas is a historic, seaside town located roughly one and a half hours north of Jaltemba Bay. Local historic sites include a fort and deep water access used by the Spanish in the 1700s for access to Mexico’s inland resources. As this town is quite close to Tepic (about 45 minutes), it is known as a great location for day trips to the beach. One noticeable change in San Blas is the lack of tagging/graffiti and lack of garbage on the town’s streets.

One infamous downside to San Blas is their notorious insect population. Late afternoon mosquitos were fairly easy to control with insect repellant. However, in the middle of the night, the no-see-um or jejene population realized they could easily get access to visiting blood though our fine mesh bug-screens.

For the full 4-day clinic, the Pets for Life team of Poli, Anthony and Paulina, along with roughly 6-8 helpers managed to sterilize 97 animals. Nearly half of the helpers were local Mexicans, complementing the expat helpers who funded the clinic.

On a personal note, we brought along one local rescue cat who needed sterilization prior to his flight north to Victoria, BC in early April.

Rob Erickson San Blas Clinic 1730
Rob Erickson San Blas Clinic 1734
Rob Erickson San Blas Clinic 1735

We will definitely help the spay/neuter team in other locations next season as well.

Learn more about Pets for Life group and/or make a donation so they can keep “spaying.”

Group photo by Lori and Charles, San Blas

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