Many folks from up-north will be paying their property tax bills over the next few weeks. In one Canadian community, the city council is dealing with double-digit tax increases to recover from the loss of a major employer/tax cash-cow. However, the same city council found $4 million for an all-season artificial turf soccer field, yet are struggling to approve financing of $4 million for sewer and water infrastructure upgrades.

I like to reflect back to a few scenes from Jaltemba Bay. Rincón de Guayabitos parks and maintenance tools include a makeshift leaf blower manufactured from an old 110-volt fan (shown above). The whole array of tools is carried around in a small cart towed behind a kid-sized quad, with a smiling fellow wearing a ragged straw hat. No expensive crew-cabs, carrying a team of flag-crew, hi-viz vests, hard hats and steel toe boots.

Up-north, local controversy includes debate from city hall on local citizens taking the initiative to pick up garbage on streets and in parks. There is concern over untrained citizens, not insured by the city, picking up trash in a back-breaking manner. Really?!

With the new malecón in La Peñita and the infrastructure project in Guayabitos nearing completion, many of us will enjoy a completely different scene this coming snow-bird season. Local businesses and restaurants will enjoy a peaceful atmosphere compared to last winter’s construction sites.

Oh, the simpler life.

by Rob Erickson

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