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I recently read an article in my northern home’s local newspaper about an animal welfare charity offering $157,920 CDN to sterilize and ear-tattoo 1,500 cats (just over $100 per cat) over the next two years. This service will be provided to low income families wanting to sterilize their pets. These figures make our statistics for sterilizing pets here in Jaltemba Bay, and other areas of Nayarit, shine even brighter.

The Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue (JBAR) group has sterilized well over 3,500 animals in roughly 10 years of service. One number we came up with a few years ago was a cost of $12 USD per sterilization. Our new record is just over 240 animals sterilized in 3½ days during last week’s clinic in Rincón de Guayabitos.

We tend to operate our Jaltemba Bay clinics, which we now try to run twice per year, with a Mexican vet team of two surgeons and one technician. Fortunately, we have had more vet expertise and supplies provided by McKenzie Veterinary Services in Victoria, BC, Canada, to bring in even more impressive numbers. Dr. Malcolm Macartney of this clinic has also encouraged other vets to donate their time, which has led to repeat visits. Dr. Cal Buxton has come to two of our clinics and has brought some of her own team. She too is a repeat supporter and has assisted with adoptions from her clinic. Her clinic is in Burnaby, BC. Dr. Carla Bell of Sooke, BC has returned to Jaltemba Bay clinics and has also sponsored clinics in Las Varas, so the program is growing in support of neighbouring towns as well. Large veterinary suppliers and other northern vet clinics have stepped up to the plate with donated supplies, in recognition of our efforts.

It takes roughly 30 volunteers to efficiently operate a large clinic with numerous OR tables underway, though we have had as many as 60-70 people show up at some clinics. Our first years of clinic required volunteers heading into the streets to bring in animals, while today we see a majority of animals brought in by local families wanting something better for their pets. This service is provided for FREE, and families are presented with a sterilization certificate for their pets, as well as a free bag of food and a new collar and leash if needed.

JBAR Clinic 2 Rob Erickson
Ben has a face that only a mother can love. He obviously has serious skin problems. His picture is enough to generate a “yuk-factor.” The good news is that Ben has been adopted and will be going back to Canada to receive treatment.

JBAR Clinic 3 Rob Erickson
Layout of the site at the November 2013 JBAR clinic.

JBAR Clinic 4 Rob Erickson
Dr. Cal Buxton had a slight problem with a bleeder. Thanks to the mask to keep infectious diseases away.

In years past, the local attitude or belief was a watch-dog should not be sterilized, to maintain a “bravo” dog. Now, many locals are realizing the dog is staying around home, as an on-site watch-dog, rather than prowling the streets at night. Rather than expensive identification techniques, simple black tattoo ink over the incision tells us the animal has been sterilized. A few local veterinarians and a local dentist, Dra. Adriana Flores, are also volunteering their services at these clinics. Needless to say, these local professionals tend to generate new clients from these free clinics. There is a donation box at the sign-in post, and with local families bringing pets in for this free service, we see more donations at the end of the clinic. For those that can’t afford to make a donation, we see locals working at the clinics alongside northerners, as well as local businesses and families contributing snacks, meals and accommodations for the vet teams. We have now held a number of clinics on the grounds of Sue and Del Moss’ luxurious Hacienda del Mar in Rincón de Guayabitos. A few years ago, a local pineapple farmer was so happy with the free service, he dropped off a number of pineapples at the end of the day for snacks!

Our efficiency and great numbers speak for themselves. What really appeals to me? Local Mexican involvement, both corporate and individual, coupled with northern involvement, has provided wonderful results for the community.

No matter where we are on the planet, actions speak louder than words.

JBAR Clinic 5 Rob Erickson
After the clinic, the JBAR volunteers enjoy Poly’s famous Agua Chile, with the help of a Tosia and a few other volunteers. A few beers might also be needed to quench this picante dish.

JBAR Clinic 1320
Half eaten before all ingredients added! 

JBAR Clinic 1319
Many hands make light work. After surgery, many volunteers contribute to the workload for a great batch of Agua Chile.

by Rob & Heather ERICKSON

About Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue (JBAR): Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue (JBAR) was established in 2003 by Lin Chimes of Los Ayala, Nayarit, Mexico. Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue advocates humane and healthy practices for animals in the Jaltemba Bay area by promoting health, education, spay and neutering, adoptions, foster care and positive relationships with animals and their owners. JBAR also works to find homes for street dogs and cats. This effort has significantly improved the overall health and enjoyment of life on Jaltemba Bay for human visitors, residents and also our four-legged friends.To learn more or to make a donation, visit Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue (JBAR).

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