Hi. Bug here again. Rob and Heather are busy messing around with horses and other dogs and cats again, so I am getting more time alone to hang out with my friends. My old salvaje friend Taxi was still here when we get got back to La Peñita. Adriana let him have some dog food and he kept up his regular circuit of other sources of food as well. Poli and Paulina also had some time with him, so he came home one day a bit lighter on the back end, if you know what I mean. Things aren’t simply Black and White here anymore! Another salvaje showed up this year, and we call him Grey. He had a nasty ritual every night of watering our front door, so it was suggested he have a visit with Dr. Aldo. He too came back a bit lighter! The door doesn’t need washing every morning now!

(top photo) Discussing breakfast at the cistern.

Rob Bug's Summer 3
Diets stink!

All three of us get along pretty well, as long as the guys get some breakfast and dinner. I am still the neighbourhood fat kid, so I am on a diet and not really enjoying it… but it sure beats looking out the window at the rain and ice.

by Bug (or Mayo)

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