Responsible Journalism

As Banderas Bay, Jaltemba Bay and the surrounding communities continue to expand, it becomes increasingly challenging to bring you all the news in a clear, concise manner. We are Responsible Journalism, a loosely organized network of websites and publications committed to reporting on important news and events taking place in and around the Bay, supporting one another by treating our editorial content (words and images) respectfully, and promoting the best our destination has to offer.

Our Guidelines

  1. We create and publish original content (words and images), which we make available for our readers in our websites and publications.
  2. We reproduce press releases solely intended for such purposes by news sources, crediting such sources as necessary. We do not assume that a news item or article published elsewhere is a press release available for reproduction by anyone.
  3. We abide by established fair use guidelines, only quoting 10% or less from source stories produced by other news outlets, notifying sources ahead of time as a courtesy, and crediting them accordingly with a web link back to the page containing the original article.
  4. We agree to feature the contents of this document in its entirety and unmodified in each of our websites, with a link referencing it located in the footer of our home page.

Who We Are

The current list of Responsible Journalism members is located below. Any other local/regional news source is welcome to join us. However, in order to do so, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. You must be willing to abide by the above guidelines.
  2. You must be unanimously approved by all the current members, below.

Media outlets wishing to join Responsible Journalism may do so by contacting any of the current members:

Explore Nayarit (formerly Jaltemba Bay Life)
Contact: Allyson Williams  (

PV Mirror Weekly City Paper
Contact: Allyna Vineberg  (

PV Mirror Online Monthly Version
Contact: Jesús de Avila  (

PV Pulse
Contact: Luis Domínguez  (
Contact: Mariano Montes de Oca  (

Vallarta Lifestyles Publishing Group
Contact: Paco Ojeda  (