Quadding Over the River and Through the Woods, to an El Capomo Coffee Plantation We Go

Some friends invited my dad and I to join them on a quad ride a few weeks ago. Their plan was to visit a coffee plantation near the town of El Capomo, Nayarit, Mexico. We packed a small cooler, lubed up with suntan lotion, grabbed our sunglasses and cameras and we were ready for our afternoon adventure. George and Donna Steensma arrived in their quads promptly at 9:30am. We buckled up and drove to the La Peñita Trailer Park to meet up with Bob and Shirley Lewis. Within a few minutes, we were all heading north on the highway.

Williams Quad Ride March 2014_0847W

We pulled off at the entrance to El Tonino. From there, we left the smooth blacktop roads and cobblestone streets and endured winding trails and rugged terrain for the next 5 hours.

Williams Quad Ride March 2014_0859W Williams Quad Ride March 2014_0857W Williams Quad Ride March 2014_0867W

We arrived at a small coffee roasting plant seemingly in the middle of nowhere. There were two separate drying areas; one for fresh picked fruit called coffee cherries (above) and another for hulled beans (below). I lost track of time, but if I had to guess, it took us about 2 hours to get here from La Peñita.

Williams Quad Ride March 2014_0872W Williams Quad Ride March 2014_0890W

Porfidio, the owner, explained the cleaning, hulling and drying process he uses. During the harvesting season, he hires 12-15 people to help him pick the cherries, and while he did sell a small bag of ground coffee to someone in our group, my understanding was that the majority of the coffee was grown for his own consumption (which is improbable unless he drinks 100 cups a day).

Williams Quad Ride March 2014_0868W

He uses this mechanical huller/pulper machine to remove the husks from the cherries. Once dried, the beans are roasted.

Williams Quad Ride March 2014_0887W

I did my best to translate all this information to the crew.

Williams Quad Ride March 2014_0883W Williams Quad Ride March 2014_0865W

The small adobe buildings dotting the property were charming.

Williams Quad Ride March 2014_0895W

We thanked Porfidio, hopped back on the quads and away we went.

Williams Quad Ride March 2014_0896W

Into the jungle…

Williams Quad Ride March 2014_0903W

Through a babbling creek…

Williams Quad Ride March 2014_0906W

And right by these little piggies’ makeshift home.

Williams Quad Ride March 2014_0907W
Williams Quad Ride March 2014_0913W

The trails, vegetation and scenery changed in a blink of an eye.

About an hour later, Bob spotted some coffee plants lining the trail. We stopped to take a closer look and to eat lunch. Just as we were getting ready to leave, a pickup truck piled high with coffee bags drove by. A few minutes later, the driver returned and asked if we wanted to see his ranch. Of course we did; we were on an adventure!

Williams Quad Ride March 2014_0916W

Enrique showed us his small processing plant where he and his family pick, hull, ferment, sun dry and bag their coffee. He takes his bagged beans to Tepic, where it is exported and sold in the United States.

Williams Quad Ride March 2014_0919W Williams Quad Ride March 2014_0920W

Enrique’s family didn’t seem to mind the fact that we interrupted their Sunday afternoon routine. I’m guessing they don’t get too many visitors here in this very remote ranch in the jungle.

Williams Quad Ride March 2014_0923W Williams Quad Ride March 2014_0924W

It was getting late, so we headed back home.

Williams Quad Ride March 2014_0927W

Another friendly family along the way.

Williams Quad Ride March 2014_0894W

Making the boys eat a little dust!

Williams Quad Ride March 2014_0934W

We returned to Rincón de Guayabitos around 3pm, a few pounds heavier from all the sweat, dust and dirt we accumulated along the ride – and oh-so-ready for a long, hot shower and a cold beer. Thank you George, Donna, Bob and Shirley for letting us tag along.

P.S. A special thank you to George who enthusiastically agreed to attach my awesome newly-found steer head to the top of his quad (see photo #4) so it could hitch hike home!

Williams Quad Ride March 2014_0932W

If you ever get an opportunity to go quadding, say yes! Just be prepared to get really, really dirty. My dad joked that he had never seen his daughter so dirty; and while that may be true, I am glad that we documented this memorable Mexican moment!

If you enjoy Nayarit coffee, you can learn more in an article entitled Tour of Coffee Plantation in Mesillas.

by Allyson Williams
photos by Roger Williams

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  1. :

    Looked like a fun day! Sorry we missed that one! Must have been when we were 'illing'... Hate missing the adventures! :)

  2. :

    OMG... what a great story... it nailed our trip completely... We had so much fun sharing all of this with you... and our friends!! Every time we have gone up in that area we see or do something new and different. We have so much fun quadding in Mexico especially with our friends. It was a priceless day... Thank you for sharing this area with everyone... Bob and Shirley PS Loved the father daughter picture too!!!

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    That steer head looks cool on George's quad! He should leave it there permanently.

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    Love your trip report, great pics. Looking forward to bringing our quads when we start coming down for winters. We stopped in mid Feb. And met Carol and a few others at La Penita RV park, we'll be somewhere in that area someday soon!

  5. :

    Alison... Your dad's pictures are fantastic. Thank you for sharing them with us. Your commentary nailed the day to the wall... You reminded me what a wonderful experience and blessing it is to be able to go off road into the villages, pueblos, farms, orchards etc. where the people live. We are surprised every trip by something or someone we encounter. Thank You!!! One more thing... I LOVE the picture of you and your dad... That was some father/daughter date :)

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