Project Angelina is Complete!

Thursday was the Big Day. Bob Gill, Brian Blevings and I went shopping for the family.

We purchased 4 new beds and mattresses. We bought the children bunk beds… they were so excited… quite a change from sleeping on a mattress on the dirt floor. We replaced their stove and fridge. The fridge was rusty and about to fall apart. As we moved the old fridge, the mice ran out from under the compressor.

We also purchased 5 plastic chairs. Brian and Dawn Blevings gave the family 2 nice Mexican chairs and some pillows.

Shannon surprised the family with a big arrangement of flowers.

At 3pm, we went to get the family. While the house was under construction Angelina and her mother did not go by the building site. They wanted it all to be a surprise. As we were getting them, the workers started pouring the ramp to the door… Because of this, I had to lift Angelina into the house and through the window… Our Mexican friends don’t always plan ahead!

George bringing Angelina up to her new house

From George to Bob

Bob and Angelina

Bob showing Angelina her new home

As family, friends, neighbors and the construction workers came, they all had to climb through the window!

I thanked the workers for their hard work.

I reminded the family of all the people who gave to make this day possible.

I shared with everyone that at the beginning of the project, the family and I prayed that God would shine His light on this family and make this house possible. That he did… above and beyond, more then we could ever imagined.

God blesses us more then we can ever dream (this is on the video… the first minute of the video is dark, and then it gets better.) Click to watch the video.

Bob Gill finished up the presentation by turning the keys over to Angelina, and wheeling her through the house.

I was talking with Dawn Blevings this morning. Angelina is so pleased she can get her wheelchair around the house.

She washed all the floors a few days ago, and made dinner last night. She was able to get her wheelchair right up to the stove. She told Dawn that being able to maneuver through the house will help her get more strength in her arms.

I want to thank all of you for making this project possible. May God Bless you all. Your generosity made all this possible.

George & Donna and Bob & Mary


A happy Angelina

Mixing cement for the ramp

Bob and Brian putting the beds together

The ramp

The water cistern

Angelina’s new house

Kids with their new beds

All smiles

Angelina’s sister Evilia

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    Thank you all for this article and photos. It's difficult to be away from La Peñita and this helps keep us in the loop. Bless you.

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