Project Angelina: Demolition

Hola to all from sunny and HOT Mexico.

This was a successful day on the project. The backhoe spent the afternoon excavating, preparing the site for the foundation. Angelina’s father, has set himself up in a little shelter, to guard the site day and night.

Still more funds are coming in, including someone who gave us cash for a new washing machine when the job is completed. They have had no indoor plumbing, so will be putting a water line in for the family.

Our friend, Bob Gill and his wife Mary has been outstanding soliciting friends and family back in Fort McMurray. We are working this project together.

This past Saturday the tar paper walls came down. It was fun to watch as our friend Roger and his nephews came in and pulled the remaining structure down with his jeep.

Thanks to all who are helping make this project happen.
George & Donna and Bob & Mary

You can read more about Project Angelina and how it got started here.

Angelina’s Dad’s new shack.

The house coming down.

Bulldozing what was left and preparing for the new foundation.



Angelin’s Dad carrying things away.

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