Project Angelina: Angelina’s House Has Walls

Hi Everyone. Just a short update. The project slowed down a little a week ago, as the Maestro of the project, Jose, hurt himself, and ended up in the hospital. He is recuperating now… and things are moving along nicely.

Angelina and her family are still living in the rental home, just around the corner from where the house is being built.

The walls are completed. The crew is now working on plumbing and electrical. The roof will be next.

Some have asked us what we are doing to protect the home from being sold. Angelina’s mother owns the property, and we want to make sure that her mother does not sell the house out from under Angelina. We are working with a Notario to prevent this from happening, and to protect Angelina. This is what we will be doing.

  1. Angelina is going to be put on the title document, along with her mother.
  2. We have put a lien on the house. We have set up a $240,000 peso loan to the family. This loan is on paper only. There will no interest and no payments. Each year $20,000 pesos will be forgiven, so after 12 years the lean will be paid off.

On a lighter note. My nephew read about the Angelina Project in a local paper in Montreal. It is a wonder to me how these things come together.

This whole experience has been amazing for us. To have total strangers from all over the US and Canada contributing to this project.

Thanks again to all of you who have sent us funds to make this project happen. Bob Gill and myself hope to go back to La Penita in the next couple weeks. We want to buy new beds and mattresses, and generally check everything out..

Yes, God is Good.
George & Donna and Bob and Mary

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