Playa Canalan Is Now Restricted – For Paying Tourists Only

The following is the Google translation of an article recently published by Realidades, Tepic.

Local residents are no longer allowed to use the Playa Canalan in El Monteon.

Tourist developers privatize another beach in Nayarit, they do not want the “rabble, metiches or onlookers”(Local residents) to disturb the guests, under the pretext that visitors require privacy and security during their stay in the paradise place .

Arbitrarily closed the two windows to the sea with a cyclonic mesh where dozens of local merchants earn honestly the bread for their families. With this, they closed the only free access to the beach Canalán, prohibiting the locals and visitors of the paradisaical place.

The Rasalan tourist emporium consists of 145 luxurious villas and residential mansions located on 265 hectares and four kilometers overlooking the sea, known as One and Only Mandarina “whose investment amounts to $870 million dollars.

Inhabitants of the town El Monteón, municipality of Compostela request the intervention of the local Congress to recover the tourist zone and to be able to enter freely to this space.

The president of the Commission Pro Playas Libres Canalán, María Ignacia Rodríguez Cruz, explained that long ago, these investors acquired the lands to the ejidatarios but not the access road to the beaches. Already with the complex built, they closed the beaches completely and there is security to prevent the passage to the locals.

The juridical of the company, when talking with the people, the only thing that indicates is that there will be 8 thousand jobs for the villagers “but we do not want that, we want access to the beach”. 

Meanwhile, Octaviano Figueroa Salazar, Auxiliary Judge in Playa Guayabitos, reported that they have maintained dialogue with the tourist company Rasalán but without any results.

“They know that it is not theirs, what they argue is that because of the type of hotels they bring, they require privacy and security, if not, they do not have such investments. While people are left without access to the sea ”

But the worst thing is that the people who live in El Monteón, depends on the economy that represents the tourist view to the beach and Canalán private, causes closure of restaurants and small businesses that were on the main avenue of access the beach.

Octaviano Figueroa, stressed that the people refuse to go from being the owners of the beach to simple employees of an international consortium.

“It is not viable a tourist development of super luxury that marginalizes to the settlers of the region and that brings poverty instead of benefits for the people”.

In Playa Canalán, in 2009 the inhabitants of El Monteón were beaten and sprayed with tear gas by state police commanded by the karateka Julio César Betancourt when they tried to remove another cyclonic mesh that had been placed.

Both defenders of the place, indicated that they will not rest until the windows to the sea open again to the town in general.

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    this land belongs to the Mexican people....I don't care about investments, when people are not allowed to earn a living doing what they have done for hundreds of years, that is...use of their beach...than the government must step up to the plate. The beach belongs to the Mexican people...period. Stop this abuse immediately...please.

  2. :

    Very poor Google translation and many inaccuracies. This is a classic "Periodicazo". a paid article. Rasaland just started their project and currently there are no hotels nor tourists at Canalan. Locals are not furious. They just want access to the beach peacefully.

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